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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Darr Line

My 1st cousin 2x removed

Matthew Durward Darr born 10 Auug 1899 in Minnesota, died 5 Dec 1957 in Mower, MN

He was a conductor for the railroad

Married Charlotte Magdalen Dent, born 6 Dec 1900, in Filmore, MN


1) Robert Durward Darr born and died 11 Oct 1921 in Mower, MN

2) Vera May Magdalena Darr born 25 Jan 1923 in Mower, MN, died 10 Jul 1983 in Rochester, MN

3) Carmen L. Darr born abt 1926 in MN

4) Infant born and died 2 Jan 1927 in Mower, MN

I could never imagine losing one child, let alone two..How tragic. I feel for this mother. Her pain had to be a great one. 

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