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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for all the beautiful, strong, enduring women in my family. This Thursday I would like to start with my Great-Grandmother Cora Alice Amick-Couch. She was married to James Baird Couch who was killed ina shotgun accident. His son Earl age nine at the time and James were out hunting some animal that was killing chickens or livestock. Jame went over a fence and Earl handed him the loaded shotgun it must of got stuck or something and it went off, instantly killing James. I couldn't imagaine how Earl at age nine must of felt. Cora had to sell 160 acre farm in Elgin, NE to move her and the children to Sioux City, Iowa where her sister Rachel, whom they called "Blossom" lived.

Cora must have been a tough brave women in January 1909 to pack up and take her kids that far. Carrie Phyillis being the oldest at age 12, then Earl James age 10, Raymond Jacob age 8, Dorothy (my grandmother) age 6, Gladys Mae age 5, Goldie Mae age 2 and Jewell Bernice in Cora's belly at the time born in May 1909.

Cora found a small house close to Blossom and set up housekeeping. She immeditally starting washing clothes for anybody she could but mostly for single working men. She raised all seven children with a washboard, and stove heated irons. As the children grew they would pitch in, doing whatever they could to make a few pennies.

Carrie Phyillis died at age 28 from her appendix. Raymond died at age 28 from a bad heart he had all his life.
What a remarkable women! Some family members that knew her said she was always mean and crabby. Well If I had to bury my husband and was left with six kids and one in the belly I would be too. Plus she lost two of her children at young ages.
Cora If I could of met you, I would give you a big hug and say "You are a remarkable lady!"

Next time I will tell you of another women I am thankful for Ruth Gwendola Converse-Kubberness.

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