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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Relative is Prisoner in Stillwater Prison, Minnesota

Robert Cecil Warren was born to Dessie Anna Robertson and Dana Wyman Warren on 23 Apr 1895 in Iowa. Died 4 Dec 1955 in San Francisco, CA.

I was on Google trying to find information on my  first cousin x2 removed, when I came a cross a website: Saint Paul Police Historical Society-Benedict G. Fischer, St. Paul Police Patrolman.

The article starts out with a robbery spree 3 men started in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, where a policeman ends up shot. Robert Cecil Warren being one of the robbers was caught almost immediately. He was unarmed.

Here's the link for the full story:

Robert Cecil Warren was in the Prison Band and Orchestra 3 years after being incarcerated. He asked if he could purchase an instrument but was denied. He made another request, asking for $50 on this time his request was approved.
The crime spree started 6 Aug 1917 and Robert entered Stillwater Prison on 24 Oct 1917.
He applied for parole many times but was paroled on 29 May 1923 after serving 5 1/2 years. It is said that he was married and had a child, sending letters and money home often.
During the time he was incarcerated, the state paid Warren's wife $10 per month in support of herself and child. This was the standard amount for a women and one child, and it was in addition to Warren's wages of $8 to $9 per month.
What enlightened me to research Robert was his father Dana Wyman Warren, He walked out on hs family. In 1911 his wife brought suit against Clara E Graham for alienating husbands affections and was awarded $2,000.

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