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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Helping Hand

I love to help my friends with their family tree and see there reactions at the things I find. I decided to post what I have researched on three different lines I have been working on. So once a week I will be posting A Helping Hand. I will choose a line and post it hoping to help others and get some feedback in return.
Here's my first post.

Deserae Leingang Frohlich is a good friend of mine that works with me, she wanted to find out about her Native American Roots. Here's where the journey started.

Her grandparents on her maternal side:

John G Leingang born 9 March 1939 in Fort Yates, ND to George Ardell Leingang and Agnes Lipp.
he died at age 73 in Mandan, ND on 16 Aug 2012 and buried in North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, in Mandan, ND.
He was educated  in Solen/Fort Yates area. He served in the United States Army. He was a farmer and rancher, also a bartender at Ralph's Bar.
He married Alma Elizabeth LaFromboise in 1966 in Fort Yates ND

I wont post there children because most are still living.
Alma Elizabeth LaFrombroise born 24 Nov 1941, died 24 Nov 1974 North Dakota, her parents were Edward Antoine LaFromboise and Regina. He was born in 1897 in South Dakota. So far this is all information I have on her parents.
Edward Antoine LaFromboise's parents were Frank Wankicum LaFromboise born 6 Jun 1869 in Sisseton, Roberts, South Dakota, died in 1941 in Fort yates, North Dakota and married in 1892 in North Dakota to Sallie Mary Bain born 20 Aug 1875 in South Dakota.
Sallie Mary Bain parents were William Bain and Margaret (Maggie) Holyface and Maggie's dad was Chief Sleepy Eyes
That's all the information I have so far on Bain/Sleepy Eye lines
Frank Wankicum LaFromboise's parents were Joseph Narcisse LaFromboise born Dec 1928 in Turtle Mountains, North Dakota, died 1905 in the Turtle Mountains, North Dakota, he married Josephine Josette Catara (Parents Madesle Catara & Jsephine Baurassa) She was born about 1820.
Joseph Narcisse LaFromboise parents were Joseph LeBlanc LaFromboise born about 1800 in Canada, died about 1879, married Marie Cecil Dumont.
Joseph LeBlanc LaFromboise Father was Andre Joseph Claudeu LaFromboise.
John G Leingang's parents were George Ardell Leingang born 2 Aug 1914in Morton County, North Dakota, died 7 Sep 2006 Bismarck, North Dakota. He married 3 Aug 1938 Solen, North Dakota to Agnes Lipp born 26 Feb 1919 in Strasburg, North Dakota, died 3 jun 2010 Mandan, North Dakota
Her parents were Lorenz Lipp and Elizabet Voller.
I will add her line another day.
George Ardell Leingang's parents were Anton G Leingang born 2 Nov 1884 in St Anthony, North Dakota, died 13 Dec 1950 Burleigh county, North Dakota, he married 21 Oct 1907 in Morton County, North Dakota. To Margaret Bullinger born 2 Dec 1888 in Russia, died 18 Oct 1949 in Morton County, North Dakota
Anton G Leingang's parents were George Leingang born 6 Sep 1862Felsenberg, Bereson, Ukraine, died 16 Jul 1956 in Morthon County, North Dakota. He married Brigretta Walbaum.
Appolonia was his second wife as far I can tell by researching but haven't any solid source's yet.
If anyone has anything to share with these lines please feel free to contact me I would be happy to share information on any of the lines I post. Until next time happy hunting.

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