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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for my lovely mother Ruth Robertson-Kubberness.
Today is her 78th Birthday!!! Amazing.

She is the best mom ever, she has taught me to love myself and to be giving and caring and to put God in my heart and life. She has given me an amazing childhood.

I grew up seeing amazing places and having amazing journeys. I will never forget how giving and loving this beautiful women is both inside and out. She is a pillar of her community in Peru, IL being employed at the Red Cross and a member of Grace United Methodist Church, election judge, and on the campaign trial for Gary Dohl. She was a Sweet Adeline and a foster mom. She is "Patches" The Clown and graduated from Clown College. She knows sign language. 

She raise three children almost entirely by herself as my dad was traveling around the country working. I am in AWE of her each and everyday.

Momma your my rock and my grace I love you.

Ruth and great-grandson Christopher Cook
Ruth as Patches
My Amazing Mom

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