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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sibling Sunday

I have two brothers Frederick "Rick" George Kubberness he is named after both my grandfathers.
Rick is very computer smart and loves music, he had his own DJ business. He loves Star Trek and has all of them on DVD.  He's very smart and funny. He is very sensitive and is very close to our mom.

My other brother Raymond "Ray" Donald Kubberness is named after my dad and Uncle Ray Robertson. He works at Pet smart Distribution center as a manger. He is also a volunteer fire fighter.
He has three kids Michael Allen Kubberness, Michaela Rae Kubberness and Tavis Cole Parker. Raymie is the funny one in the family. He has a beautiful heart and very giving.
Tavis Parker

Ray, Michael & Michaela Kubberness

Ray Kubberness 
Rick Kubberness 

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