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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seeking help on Robertson line

I am asking for some help from you. I have tried to find Alexander Cowen Robertson's Birth place in Kentucky. Any suggestions? Here is the information I have on him.

Alexander Cowen Robertson was born July 8, 1838 in Kentucky, died may 20, 1896 in Sioux City, Iowa, Married Dec 23, 1863 in Washington, Iowa.

Alexander Cowen Robertson's death record

Biography Alexander Cowen Robertson

Alexander married Elizabeth Jane Cavit born Aug 26, 1843 in Beaver Dam, PA, died Feb 8, 1903 in Sioux City, IA


Elmer Allsworth Robertson born May 9, 1864, died May 15, 1924 in verndale, MN.

John Edgar Robertson born Aug 17, 1866 in Washington, IA, died Nov 26, 1954 in Sioux City, IA, married Jan 13, 1921 in Council Bluffs, IA at St. patricks Catholic Church to Mary Ursula Becker.

Charles Winfield Robertson born Aug 4, 1869, died March 5, 1901 in Sioux City, IA

Robert Robertson born 1870, died June 17, 1925, died Feb 10, 1870 in Sioux City, IA

Ella Mae Robertson born Dec 27, 1871, died  June 17, 1925 in Verndale, MN. Married to Earl Bennett Johnson.

Bessie Anna Robertson born Nov 9, 1873, died Oct 22, 1943 in Cresco, IA, married to Dana Wyman Warren.

George Leslie Robertson born Oct 6, 1875, died 1891 in Sioux City, IA

Nina Alda Robertson born Nov 5, 1877, died Sept 9, 1958 in Verndale, MN, married to Fred Victor Johnson

Ralph Cavit Robertson born May 9, 1880, died Feb 5, 1951 in Sioux City, IA, married Etta Emily Bourreh.

Ruch Cowen Robertson born May 9, 1880, died April 26, 1938, married to Charoleette Crotty

Alexander and his wife Elizabeth lived in South Dakota for a time farming on 160 acres in 1890 he decided to take his covered wagon and move his family to Sioux City, IA because it was to hot and to many grasshoppers in SD.

Please help me find Alexander's birth place in Kentucky

His parents were John Edgar Robertson and Abigail Cowen.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.


  1. I really hope that we're able to find the answer someday! I do have a clue from Alexander's brother Hugh's Civil War records. It stated that he was born in Breck/Brick county. There is a Breckinridge County and a Bracken County in Kentucky, so I'm thinking that maybe we should focus there and see if we can find them. :)