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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aunt Dot

Today I am dedicating my page to my Aunt Dot who passed away Wednesday January 16th 2013. Her funeral is Monday Jan 21, 2013 at Martin and Wallace Funeral Home in Stockton, CA. Will be buried in Stockton Rural Cemetery.
She collected hundreds of music boxes, she loved to sing and play piano, loved animals and was a very strong Christian women. I loved her stories she would tell me about growing up and  how things were back then.
Last Summer my mom and I made a trip me from Bismarck, ND to Peru, IL and then us out to Stockton, CA. I thank God that I saw my beloved Aunt and that my mom and I shared an adventure threw God like no other.
My Aunt fell hit her head and was gone in a matter of hours. Before she died she sang Thou art and asked God to take her home and 20 min later she joined him in Heaven. I wish I could be there with my mom.

Dorothy Lillian Robertson-Holcomb and Ruth G Robertson-Kubberness

Dorothy "DOT" Robertson-Holcomb

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