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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Robertson Line

John Robertson was born 10 Mar 1804 in Kentucky (Where in Kentucky is still a mystery) he died 26 Feb 1876 in Washington, Iowa. Married Abigail Cowen (Her parents have yet to be found) She was born 13 Nov 1812 place unknown. Died 22 Jul 1838 in Kentucky.

Children: Mary Frances born 2 Feb 1832 in Kentucky, Married unkown Glenn, dau Zelda A Glenn born 1857 in Louisa, Iowa.

Rachel Ann born 5 Nov 1833 in Kentucky, died 1870 married William Lawrence Linn.

Hugh M born 13 Apr 1836 in Kentucky, died 12 July 1863 in Jackson, Mississippi 

Alexander Cowen born 1838 Kentucky, died 20 May 1896 Sioux City, Iowa, married Elizabeth Jane cavit 23 Dec 1868.

Where in Kentucky were they born??? Where's Abigail Cowen's parents???

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