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Monday, June 18, 2012

John Porter Couch was my great grandfather. He died before I was born, however, his wife Ruth I knew well. She died when I was 15. Their daughter Lucille (grandmother) and Jean (my mother) were always refering to Aunt Bloss (short for Blossom). This was Rachel Caroline who lived to be 101. Before her death she sent word to Lucille that she had donated the civil war sword and letter from President Abraham Lincoln to the museum so everyone could see it. She lived near Souix City, Iowa. My mother Jean remembers this letter. 

One tipsy holiday Grandma Lucille mentioned that one of John Porter's brothers had hung himself in his barn. 

I've enjoyed reading your posts and thought you might like another mystery.

CeeCee Cochran Davis

I received this via Facebook what a delightful surprise, thank you very much CeeCee

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