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Monday, April 9, 2012

Genealogy Trip to Sioux City, IAf

Add file bag I found at Wal-Mart they have several different colors to choose from

A journal I found at Wal-mart to keep track of photo's I will be taking and places we will go for records
My mom Ruth Robertson Kubberness and I are planning a trip this Summer to Sioux City, IA. My great-grandmother's and Father's lived here, went to church here and died here.

We will stay at the English Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Sioux City.
Neither of us have ever been to one so it should be a wonderful experience to share.

English Mansion Bed & Breakfast

English Mansion Bed & Breakfast

A English Mansion Bed & Breakfast  dd caption
We will be taking pictures of the houses our family lived in and grave sites at several local cemeteries.

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