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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Follow Friday: Mountain Men by Rick Steber

Mountain Men by Rick Steber

Have you ever thought o looking for your ancestor in books like this one? I have.

Jim Bridger owned the Rocky Mountain Fur Company. He was shot in the back by Indians, with two arrows. A doctor did surgery on him with a butcher knife and no drugs.

William Ashley & Andrew Henry were partners in a newly formed fur company and had an ad in the Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser.

Jedediah Smith led trappers into Yellowstone and a grizzly attacked him by the head, cutting him badly and breaking several ribs.

Ramsey Crooks was leading trappers toward the Missouri River when 600 Sioux Warriors confronted them. The chief told them they would be killed if they continued their journey. So Ramsey told the Chief he had goods to trade and would build a fort right there, and that's what he did and lived to tell about it.

Daniel Boone and Kit Carson were both Mountain Men.

Rick Steber's book is a great historical read. He has many other books to read so please check him out.

Rick Steber

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