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Monday, April 16, 2012

Beginners Beginnings

Brick Wall Again?
Here's Some Tips To Try: 1) Focus on siblings and their families. 2) Study the area's local history's, learn everything you can about it's history and settlement. 3) Read the private papers of local residents of hour ancestors hometown. 4) Work forward in time rather than backward. Go over what you know about your ancestors your stuck on. Search local histories and biographical collections. Dp you have their death records? One of them may have become prominent and had a large write-up in local paper which just happens to devote a paragraph to his parents and their origins. What a find that would be. Check sills, church recorder, charitable donations. 6) Study historical maps, they can pin point geographical features, such as rivers and hills or man-made features like railroads, building's, churches. Have fun with it try to think of other ares's to look for information.

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