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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beyond America

   My ancestor Cicely Neville Dutches of York was born 3 May 1415 and died 31 May 1495. She was a mother of 2 kings Edward IV and Richard III.
   She was called "the Rose of Raby" because she was born at Raby Castle in Durham, England. She was also called "Proud Cis" because of her pride and a temper that went with it. Although we have some how changed the spelling of her name she signed it "Cecylle"
   She was married to Richard Plantagenet the 3rd Duke of York who was killed in the Battle at Wakfield 31 Dec 1460.
  Her parents were Ralph Neville & Joan Beaufort, She was Countess of Westmorland.
  I find Cicely captivating, very little is known about her family. But she seemed to of been a strong women with opinion that women of that time were not to express. She is very intriguing to me. I love women who can be out spoken but still be a Lady. 
  I couldn't imagine being a mother to one king let alone two. What a remarkable event in her life.
  I have posted a picture of her below and some clothing of that era, somethings she may have wore in her day.

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