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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beginner's Beginning's

   A chronological profile is a great way of finding new clues to research on a individual in your family history.
You can find a form to download at
   I also use my excel program using 3 to 4 columns to display the age and event in chronological order. (see example)

   The above example is from Genelines and is available for $34.95 plus s&h or you can download it from their website for $29.95.

   Try to include all the information you have on that ancestor, such as vital records, land records, emplyment, education, military, marriage, church records, If there a date or place thats uncertain use qualifiers.
   Be sure to record all your sources such as, my granfather Frederick William Kubberness was born in Lavin, Mecklenburg, Germany. His parent brought him and his sibblings to America in 1888 on a ship names  the "Trave" I have 2 sources for this information one is and Ellis Island.
   Once you have all your information compiled you can see which sources have provided the most information and check descreptioncies that you may need to resolve. If you have unsourced information you may want to research that to check for acuratcy.
   I hope this will help find new tips for you research and give you a bigger picture of you ancestor and the life they live. Good luck & happy hunting.

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