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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beginner's Beginning's

One common mistake beginners make is not interviewing family members, the older ones especially.

Start with your oldest relative and set up an interview, if they live close by do it in person. Video tape it if possible. Have your questions written out before you get there. Don't just ask for names & dates include churches they belonged to organizations, employment, their favorite memory, what it was like growing up where they grew up. Have them show you old photo's, memorabilia.

There are loads of book, articles and websites you can look at for ideas on how to do inviewing. This is most important. My great aunt Bessie and I coresponded but if I would of thought a head I would of called her and interviewed her, now that she's passed away so has the oppertunity. So plunge into it and do a good job and you will have a great family history to share with loved ones and others 20 years from now will be thankful to know that person, even from a video.

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