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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesday's Tip

Sometimes I find it rather hard to be motivated in doing my blog on a daily basis. First I have no internet, so I know find myself at Barnes & Nobles Starbucks using their WiiFii. I love the coffee!

So now the challenge is carring my laptop and files there to work on my blog. I bought a really cool hanging file folder bag at Wal-Mart, got pink cause there was no purple (so sad).

So I gather up my stuff in my new bag, like my genealogy research, and my blog notebook that I wrote in the day before with my theme all ready to blog.

With my pen in hand I write down all the information usually from my Family Tree program.

I feel I have an obligation to my followers to not only post often but write better. So I have to keep myself focused and organized. So that's my Tuesday tip to myself. Here's looking at better blogging!

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