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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday

Passenger records

Whiting Crest

USS Constellation

USS Constellation

My 2nd Great- Grandfather Joseph Whiting was born in 1838 Chapel Allerton, Somerset, England. He died 17 Jan 1913 in Iowa. He was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery Alta, Buena Vista, iowa. He came to America 3 July 1857 departing from Liverpool, England on the Constellation.

He married Lucy Ann Wilkinson date and place unknown at this time. She was born 14 Jul 1849, Wisconsin, died 22 March 1882 place unknown at this time. (My 2nd great-grandmother on maternal line))

His second wife was Anna Brayley born Oct 1862 in England and died bef 1906.

Children from Anna Brayley were:

1) Robert born 26 April 1888 in Cherokee County, Iowa, died 1962

2) Bernard born 9 Oct 1893 in Cherokee County, Iowa, died 1953

3) Frank born 15 Oct 1889 in Cherokee County, Iowa

4) John 25 Nov 1895 Alta, Buena Vist, Iowa, died 2 Nov 1963 New Mexico

Children from Lucy Ann Wilkinson were:

1) Hattie born 11 Aug 1869 Iowa, died 24 Jan 1948

2) Harry born 11 Aug 1870 in Dubuque County, Iowa, died 30 Oct 1887

3) Jessie born 7 Oct 1872 Iowa, died 16 Sep 1952

4) Luise born 29 Nov 1873 Iowa, died 5 Sep 1916

5) Annabella born 27 April 1875 Cherokee County, Iowa, died 2 Nov 1963 Arlington, Kingsbury, South Dakota

6) Carrie born 3 Oct 1876 Iowa, died 4 Nov 1948

There's a story about a chain of Whiting gas stations in New Mexico that this family owned but I have yet to find any facts on this.


  1. Hi My name is Christopher Dwight Whiting and i have been trying to find more of my family i know that my family owns the largest overhead door production company in the world called Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp out of Ohio. Most of my family is out of Iowa and Ohio that i know of. hope some of the info helps your page, Thanks!

  2. I will gladly share any information I have with you. My Dad said they owned a chain of gas stations somewhere in New Mexico

  3. Annie Brayley (not sure if this is the spelling). Lived in New Mexico and died way after 1906. I remember a photograph of my Uncle Lyle Whiting, my cousin Kirk Whiting, and Annie Brayley when she was very old.

    1. Thank you so very much, sorry for last response, not getting my alerts.