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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: A California Trip

My momma at the Jelly Belly Factory

Auburn, CA in front of their local cemetery.

My Aunt Dolly's house in Stockton, CA she has 11 kids.

Cousin Claire Long and  I, a local Dentist in Auburn, CA makes these statues.

 My Cousin Claire

My cousin Ben and  wife Kyla the sweetest couple ever

My Cousin Delynn blowing bubbles with her granddaughters

My Cousin Delynn

Wolfgang, Delynn's husband

My cousin Alexi (Delynn and Wolfgang's daughter)

This is the Biblical Gardens
The most beautiful place. You can feel
God everywhere.

This was my Grandmother Dorothy Couch-Robertson's house. She died 2001. 3118 Kenyon St. Stockton CA

My Aunt Dot (Dorothy Lillian) Robertson-Holcomb
My mom's sister

My Uncle James Holcomb

May 24, 2011 I drove from Bismarck, ND to Peru, IL, to my folk's home. My mom had saved her pennies so that she could go to California and see her family. My dad didn't want to go so Momma asked me. Oh what a blessing that was.
We flew out of Midway on May 31st and landed in Sacramento, CA, where my Cousin Claire and Aunt Dolly picked us up at the airport and took us to Stockton where my Aunt lives. We spend a few glorious days with my Aunt and visited my other Aunt Dot and her husband Jim. It was wonderful re-connecting with family. I hadn't been there since May of 1984.
It was amazing how my Cousin Claire and I put the gap of time behind us and picked up right where we had left off some 30 years before. She is a very beautiful Lady. I also re-connected with my Cousin Germaine (Claire's Sister). She is also very special. My Aunt Dolly had 11 children and I asked her if she was close to them she said "yes each and every one." Wow that's really awesome. God surely has blessed her.
My sweet Cousin Claire got my mom and I tickets for San Fransisco for June 2nd and we took the Amtrak Train from Stockton to San Francisco, which was a 2 hour drive and we met a wonderful man named "Mark" who races sailboats.
Our day in San Francisco was like magic, mom and I had never been on a trip alone together and this time was much needed for both of us. We truly had a blast. (See photo's). Our trip back to Stockton on the train was another blessing from God we met a man from Nazareth, who's a Christan Jew. We had a wonderful talk of faith. He's now my friend on Facebook.
Friday June 3rd my Aunt Lou came from Auburn, CA and picked us up and took us to the Jelly Belly Factory. WOW!!!!!!! What fun!! Her son designed the grid for Jelly Belly Computer system to run all the equipment. I have very smart cousin's.
Then we went to my Aunt's house but she ended up sick and had to go to the hospital. She is much better now. Meanwhile we stayed at my Cousin Delynn's with her family. What a treat that was. We got to taste African Coffee her son sends her from his mission trips from all over the world. Yummy! Thanks Zack!!!
I mom and I were completely spoiled by Delynn her husband Wolfgang and their beautiful kids. This family has the blessing of God with in them and all around them.It sure deepened my faith. They took us to a place called the Biblical Gardens which really touched my soul. We went to the movie Soul Surfing which is a must see movie, you will laugh, you will cry, but you will be amazed by this girl and her faith, Oh by the way it's a true story.
Our time came to an end on June 6, 2011 we boarded the plane and headed back to Midway (Chicago, IL). My dad and brother Rick picked us up from the airport and mom and sat in the back seat telling them about our trip and how God had truly blessed us.
I left Peru, IL on June 15th and drove back home to Bismarck, ND
Thank you God for blessing me with an Amazing trip, an Amazing family, and most of all for giving me the most wonderful Lady in the world for my Momma!

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