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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday


I'd like to make peace with all the dragons in my head- all
those dark creatures who came in the open door of my childhood and bedded down.
I've denied them, all the same I've fed them rather well.
They've grown fat on my hatred, multiplied like rabbits in the warm nest of my obsession, over populated my psyche with their kids. I'm very kind to other peoples dragons, It's my own I'm not able to forgive.

I am holding all my dragon's by the their tails, I'd like

to meet them face to face, get to know them, where they came from, why they came.

It's hard to love my enemies, Lord-

To make peace with intrusive creatures who move in
first then signd those long term leases in my head.

Please come in and help me face the dragons. (help me not to run if it breathe's a little fire).

I'd like to meet a really scaly monster, shake his hand. You know I'm not some princess in a palace, who thinks it rather nice to kiss a prince.

But if I learn to love that ugly dragon, could you change her to a princess before too long?

By Marilee Zdenek

I came across this some years ago and thought, WOW!!!! that is what I felt at that time. So many of us have our demons or dragons and we do fed them instead of trying to let them go.
I just thought I would share this with you and if you are hurting and in great pain maybe this can help. I have always been senitive to the feelings of others and really can not handle seeing people hurting, it makes me feel bad, makes me cry and if I can help then I will try.


  1. It was terrific to see my poem about dragons pop up on your blog.
    It's from "God is a Verb" that I wrote in collaboration with Marge Champion. After all these years, my dragons really have settled down! Thanks for remembering. --(There was one small miss-type however-- I'd rather kiss a prince than a princess!) -- Check it out but not to worry --Marilee Zdenek

  2. I love your poem, thank you for writing it. Means a lot