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Friday, February 11, 2011

Surname Saturday- Mary aria Graf

I have been researching my dad's biological family history as well as his adoptive side. I previously posted my dad's adoption papers. I have a copy of his birth certificate, oddly it lists his biological mother's name. His parents never kept the truth from him. He has always known he we adopted, along with his sister Betty who is not biological. I will start with his mother and her parents:

Dorothy Mary Peters was born 13 June 1914 in Sheridan, Wyoming, and died 6 January 1989 in Merced, California. My dad's father is unknown.

Her parents were Martin Richard Peters born 22 October 1878 in Barton, Washington, Wisconsin. Died 19 September 1947 in Edgemont, Fall River, South Dakota, He was buried 22 September 1947 in the Edgemont Cemetery.

He married on 27 January 1910 in Sheridan, WY, to Mary Louise Sack who was born 25 February 1887 in St. Marys, Kansas and died on 18 January 1972 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. She is buried in the Edgemont Cemetery.

Martin Richard Peters Parents:
John Arnold Peters born 20 Dec 1840 in Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, died 1908. Married 16 February 1862 to Dorothea Mae Kneck who was born 15 August 1842 in Maeienbaun, Germany, died 30 March 1886. That ends my Peters line so far.

Mary Lousie Sack's Parents:
John Sack born 14 May 1856 in Russia, died December 1941, Married Mary Maria Graf (date and place unknown). She was born 5 March 1866 bern, Switzerland. Died 12 Aug 1937 in St. Marys, Pottawtomie, Kansas.

John Sack's Parents:
Kasper Sack born 8 March 1835 in Semenofka, Russia, died 11 January 1909 in Hays, Ellis, Kansas. He married Anna Marie Keune born 15 December 1835 in Semenofka, Russia., died 24 May 1910 in Hays, Ellis, Kansas.

Mary Maria Graf Parents:
John Graf born 18 December 1825 and died 9 June 1912, married Magdaline Furrer born August 1831 in Heilienschwend, Bern, Switzerland, died October 1901.

Dorothea Mae Kneck Parents:
John Bolivar Kneck/Knick born 19 Jan 1899 in Kerrs Creek, Virginia, died 26 Jan 1944 in kerrs Creek, Virginia, He married Otta Moses Higgins she was born 24 June 1903 in East Lexington, Lexington, Virginia, died 17 Mar 1969 in Lexington, Lexington, Virginia.

I am still in search of the peters line and working hard on it, with the aid of I do have more on the Kneck and Higgins lines and will post the rest next Saturday.

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