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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surname Saturday- Duke Godefroy

Map of Germany
Godefroy's Coat of Arms

Unattributed biography of Godefroy Duke of Alamannia:

Godefroy Duke of Alamannia - ruled the region of western Europe, on both sides of the Upper Rhine (modern E. France and W. Germany) home of the Alamanni in the time of Clovis I, a Frankish Province, later in 1000 it became a Duchy. The Alamanni (having lived by the Lake Laman) were of the Sueva stock on the upper Rhine River in southern Germany.

At the death of Godefroy of the Alamanni in 730, his kingdom was joined to the Frankish empire as a dukedom. His son, Houching was the 1st dux. (duke)

Godefroy was seen 679-708 and dead in 709. The Alamanni were defeated (486) and conquered by the Franks under Clovis (q.v.) in 502/507; Frankish administration (Counts) and Christianity were introduced. The territory of the Alemanni remained a distinctive administrative unit, the Duchy of Alamannia, (Swabia) which stretched along both banks of the Rhine from the Alps to Strassburg or beyond.

Duke Godfrey Alamannia is my 9th great grandfather of 4th great grand aunt of 1st cousin 23x removed. (Wow! thank goodness for my Family Tree Maker program).

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