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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sorting Saturday-Organizing

I found some really good organizing ideas as I was surfing the web. George G Morgan came up
with this idea of organizing your bookmarks Browser.

 also has downloads you can get to help in organizing, as well as Cyndi's list.

When I started organizing my genealogy that I have in paper form I started with hanging folders and binders. I numbered my files according to the person's pedigree number. Children I add their father's pedigree number and added a letter behind it starting with A for the oldest. I have also color coded with colored circles. My father's father blue and his children, my father's mother is purple, my mother's father is yellow and my mother's mother is pink. You can use any colors you want too. I used these because I found colored sticker circles to place on my file folders.

I then used binder's for my genealogy I needed to work on
labeling them with surname and colored dots. That way I can grab a binder I need too take with me on a genealogy research trip. In the binders I would keep photo copies of all the documents I already have. I would also keep copies of research logs and blank pedigree charts and other forms I may need.

I love to organize and rearrange things, have all my life. So I am always searching for better ways to keep my genealogy organized and updated, including what I have on my computer. There are a lot of great ideas out there you just have to search for what works for you. has good tips as well. I like to google my searches.

I am glad to help if you need it.

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