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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Obituary

My Grandmother Ruth Gwendola Converse Kubberness was born 6 Jan 1897 in Aurelia, Cherokee, Iowa and Died 10 April 1974 in Brookings, Kingsbury, South Dakota.

My Grandma Kub's influence was substantial to my life, even though she passed away when I was 8 years old. She was a pillar of her community and very active in her church. She wore her heart on her sleeve and taught me how to love conditionally no matter how others treat you.

Her death was my first expirence with the loss of a loved one and it shook my world. I remember going to the hospital and seeing her. I didn't know she was dying. I saw her laying in the bed and thought she looked different, all yellow. She saw bugs that weren't there and my brother and I made a game out of chasing the imaginary crtters away.

When we went to the funeral home and I saw how beautiful and peaceful she looked sleeping in her coffin, I touched her hand and said "Gramma I love you, please wake up." I lend over and kissed her on the cheek and said my good bye's with tears falling down my cheeks like raindrops.

Soon after we buried her we move from South Dakota to California and I was hurt, angery and confused. I felt lost and wanted my Gramma back. I cried every night for her for a week. Then one night as I was crying she appeared before me. A bright soft yellow light illuminated her. She looked like an angel. I asked her why she left me and when she was coming back. She said "I am in heaven with your Grandpa and someday you will see me again, don't cry for me. I love you and you parents will take good care of you." She faded away and I have never cried for my Gramma Kub again.

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