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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surname Saturday-Peter Joseph Becker

Peter Joseph Becker born 18 Sep 1842 in Dehrenbachetrof, Germany. Died 1914 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas. He was married to Louisa Gribling. They had 12 Children.

William b. 1870, Amelia b. 1872, Elizabeth 1872-1959, Dora b. 1874, Emma b. 1875, Carrie b. 1877, Augusta 1879, Ida b. 1881, Albert b. 1883, Bertha b. 1886, Etta b. 1887, Henrietta b. 1888.

His parents were Henry Conrad Becker and Caroline Wyant/Weyand.

The Becker line is one of my favorites to trace and I have been very lucky to find photo's of this line on It's a treasure when you find that others are willing to share photo's on the web and I was lucky to find this one of Peter Joseph Becker.

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