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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sorting Saturday

When my grandmother Ruth Gwendolda Converse Kubberness died on 10 April 1974. My dad and his sister Betty took turns picking things out they wanted of hers.
It was a sad time losing my first grandparent and first death I remember. I was about 8yrs old and My Aunt betty and dad stood in the living room and started with gramma's nick nacks on the shelves. Aunt betty would pick one she wanted then my dad would and they did that with everything my gramma had in the house. It was fair and it was the easiest way to sort thing out for who would get what.
Plus they would talk about memories they had of certain things my grandmother had bought or got as a gift and the memories made them happy. As they got to the bigger things they did the same and nobody got more than someone else and nobody was hurt because they didn't get something.

I know sometimes people are anger and can be selfish at these times and this was a way for my dad and his sister to share the death of their wonderful mother and do the things they had to do.

There was a time that someones grandmother died and some relatives hurried and took everything before she had even passed and then other family members got nothing. This Lady labeled all her things as to who was to get what and her wishes were denied. This is very sad and very wrong. That is why I have shared the story of my Dad and his sister.

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  1. I really don't worry much about this when I am dead and gone...everything has already been giving away...the kids have what I want to pass on already and there isn't much left now, so I don't think there will be much bickering later on....