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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

The first picture is of Hannah Burnett wife of Robert Whiting born 7 March 1819 in Allerton, Somersetshire, England and died 3 Aug 1898 in Winona, MN
His parents were my 3rd Great-Grandparents. James Whiting born 1801 and Sarah Ann Ham.

This line has been a hard one to trace and low and behold one day I was on and there was a message in my in box from Jennifer Woods with information I was searching for. Thanks so much Jennifer.

There are still a few pieces to this puzzle that are missing but at least some of the holes are filling up.

My dad Donald Kubberness told me that there were Whiting's that owned a gas station in New Mexico and that he was a half brother to someone in my Grandmother's line. That mystery may never be solved but at least we have this treasure found for now.

Ruth Gwendola Converse my beautiful Grandmother's line has been an interesting one. The converse line was much easier than her mother's line, the Whiting line. The tombstone pictures are her Grandparents Joseph Whiting born 1838/Oct 1840 Somersetshire, England and died 17 Jan 1913 Dyersville, IA. His wife was Lucy Wilkinson they married 1869. He arrived in America in 1835. The last picture is of Harry Whiting's grave stone he was son to Joseph and Lucy and my great- grandmother Annabella's brother.

This is one of my favorite lines to work on. I always seem to find speed bumps and walls to climb. I love a mystery. When I find a new discovery it gives me goose bumps, I love it.

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