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Friday, April 9, 2010

Follow Friday:

Today I am suggesting you follow, I have been been lucky enough to find great family photo's and finding lost relatives which I now have a great relationship with. Not to mention all the documents and family trees they have.

I have also ordered books and programs from their web site and I read all the information in the learning center they have on genealogy.

The pictures I posted on Thursday came from this web site and some of the information I gathered. I also use the Family Tree Maker program for my genealogy which I love. I have tried several other ones and they just don't cut it.

I also like that you can research a individual in your tree to a link that Family Tree Maker has attached to the program, very convenient. I also have downloaded my tree to their site for others to look at that maybe researching the same lines as I am.

If your a member you also get a inbox for people to leave messages and for you to leave messages for others.They have message boards too so if there's a certain line you are working on and are stuck you can post a message about the problem your having and hopefully some nice folks will help you out.

Another thing I like about their program is that I can manage many different trees. I have my own genealogy business and Trace peoples family history for them and put it into a spiral bond book. This program helps me do that and sights all my sources and media.

I hope this has been helpful for those not as familiar with and hope you get a membership and try it out, you will be amazed in your journey as your family history comes alive before your very eyes. Until next time God Blessings to you all.

Now they have DNA testing, I did mine, have you gotten yours? 


  1. Great site to cover- has a wealth of information for both beginner and advanced genealogists.

  2. I love this site, been a member for many years. thank you for your comment.