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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

Today I had a Mental break down and could not think for the life of me what to blog. Then I was looking through my documents on my handy dandy laptop and found so many things I just couldn't choose.
Something struck me as I looked at my Grandmother Ruth Gwendolda Converse (Kubberness)'s records and decided that's what I want to blog on today.
My grandma was a very special lady in her community as well as to me.
The first document shown here is a letter she got from an Aunt of hers in England, I have yet to find out who the Aunt is. The others are her membership cards for The Order of Eastern Star the Grand Chapter of South Dakota. She was very involved in this Chapter.
The newspaper article is about another organization that her sister Bessie and her belonged to called Kingbrook Community Club. The article is about their 50th Anniversary. My grandmother is one on the left sitting at the end of the table and her sister Bessie is next to her on her left.
I got to know Great-Aunt Bessie very well as an adult. We corresponded to each other every few weeks about family tree research. She was a very kind and caring women.
The following is my Grandmother's obituary. It says where the funeral will be located and that she was 77yrs old when she died. Who will sing and who the pall bearers will be. The usual things people put in obituaries I guess. But at the end is her life sketch and says she moved to Arlington, SD in 1910 with her dad. When I saw this my eye's bugged out finally some information on her dad to further my search. What a gold mine, a treasure. That and her death records helped me find more information on my great-grandfather Theron Converse.
The next record is her funeral record. This was the biggest treasure it has her mom's named listed. Annabella Whiting. I jumped up and down and screamed and hollered with such excitement I am sure the neighbors thought I had lost complete control of my body and mind. But I didn't care, I was dying to call my dad and let him know what I had gotten, he too was excited.
The last record is Ruth's cemetery record which did not reveal any no information, but I was glad to get it. As most genealogist's when the mail person comes there's a excitement that over comes us and we become these deranged people from another planet, maybe geanoblogo planet or something like it. Yes I know my sense of humor is dry.
After doing genealogy for 28 years I still feel that overwhelming excitement when I find a long lost ancestor or a document I have been waiting for. That's my Treasure!!!

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  1. Gwen, only another family history lover understands the feeling that comes over you when you find a new name, a new location, a new "golden nugget" of information that fills in a piece of the puzzle! I have no one in my family that really "gets" it and they all just look at me, shake their heads and smile when I start telling them about something new that I have found. Just keep on searching and sharing!