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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Those Grand Babies!

These are my six Grandchildren. Christopher darrion Cook age 3, Kayliegh Elizabeth friday-Johnson age 2, Olivia Marie Friday-Johnson age 1, Jada Marie Smith age 1, Brooke Lynn Whittington age 1, and Naviah John Giardini age 8mo.
The reason I choose to write about my grandbabies today is because of the importance I feel about passing my genealogy down to them.
They are my future and genealogy isn't just about the past. The future is just as important.
What would happen if no body added these pericous gifts to our family history? In 50 years no one would know who the are or where they came from or where they would be. What about the things they will add to our family history. They will grow up get married have children. Who will write about it? Who will keep the documents and research?
I wont live forever and my daughters are clearly not interested in genealogy so my only hope is my grandchildren and teaching them the importance of their roots, like my Great-Aunt Ella did for me.
Posting my children and grandchildren's pictures on my blog is very important to me. They are my legacy. I need to keep that a live for future generations.
I hope others will follow my lead and post their family photo's, after all we only have one life and we need to share everything not just the past but the future as well.

We have added 3 more now I have 9 grandchildren.
Here are the new recruits.

Jamel will be 2 July 2017

Jordon will be 2 in Aug 2017

Nayziah will be 5 in Nov 2015

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