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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname Saturday- Robertson Line

The Robertson name is of Scottish orgins. The name is of Celtic dervation and in the original Celtic Language was Donnachaidh. The orginal chiefs of the clan are descendents from the Celtic mormaers of Atholl, through Conan de Glenerochie, a son of Henry, Eral of Atholl. The clan bore the name de Atholia until Duncan, the 5th Earl of Glenerochie, who led the clan in support of the Bruce at Bannockburn, founed the clan Donnachaidh, for whose grandson, Robert Riach, the estates were erected into the Barnoy of Struan, in 1451. Robert Riach's son took the name of Robertson, which thereafter became the name of the family clan.

For those readers not familiar with the name of Bruce in Scottish history he is the Robert Bruce or as they refer to him, Robert thr Bruce, who in 1306 was crowned Robert I of Scotland and who in 1314 defended his homeland so seccessfully against the English who invaded Scotland in the year under leadership of King Edward the II. It was at the battle of Bannockburn the English army suffered a crushing defeat and it is apparent from the above that the Clan Robertson's ancestor, Ducan the 5th Earl of Glenerochie, made a substantial contribution to that victory and other later wars otherwise his grandson Robert Riach would not have been given the Barony of Straun in 1451. Also Robert Riach's son must have admired his father's military status because he chose to call himself "Robert's Son" rather than to take a seperate name for himself. Hence if you are a descendant fo this tribe or clan, even unto current times, you're known as Robertson and pay honor to Scottish hero Robert Riach by carrying this surname.

In later centuries the clan was noted for its loyalty to the Stewarts. in acient days the chiefs had castles in Roannoch and at Invervack, near Straun. Later their principle residence was Dunalastair, or Mount Alexander, magnifiently situated at the foot of and in full view of Schiehallion, in Rannoch. the burial places are at Struan and Dunalastair.

The Chief of the clan is known as Struan-Robertson and the last known Strauan-Robertson was one Langston Robertson of Struan, 26th Struan-Robertson who when he succeeded to the title in 1949 resided at Kingston, Jamaica.

A Clan Donnachaidh Society was formed in 1893 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I give this research credit to my Great Aunt Ella Robertson Springer

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