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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Surname Saturday- Amick

All the blogs that have circulated lately have inspired me to be the best Friend of a Friend I can be to my fellow genealogists, blogger and hopeful to others. I am dedicating myself to go through my records and post whatever I can find on slave owners and slaves.

In my genealogy this is what I have found so far but I am not done looking by any means.

My ancestors the Amick, Emig, Emmich, Emmick were slave holders.

There is a house built by George Emmick in between Leisport and Hawesville in the Troy Bend area of Hancock County, KY.

George's house was built with bricks made by slave labor. This house has remained in the Emmick family and has been restored. http://www.hancockcounty-ky.con/fh4.html

At first I didn't think this was worth posting because I have no name and no story to go with it. But then I remembered the wonderful posts from Sandra @ "I Never Knew My Father" and Luckie @ Our Georgia Roots. So I decided even a little information posted is better than none at all.

I can not tell you how many times I have seen the movie Roots as a child growing up into adulthood. I am very sad to say I never got it before now, what Kunta Kinte meant when he said Friend of a Friend. I what to be just that. I will be making time to go through my records this week and Saturdays I will post whatever information I have to share. This story and those of others have touched my soul.


  1. Awesome sweetie, if all of us just take that extra step and time, hopefully we can be "Friend of Friends" and help each other in our family history journey and keep the memories of those that came before us and the African-American slaves that gave their of themselves, alive. You did a wonderful post.

  2. Thanks Gwen for sharing, I know for some this is such a sensitive subject and maybe with the information that you release you will connect a descendant with a Ancestor. I pray that others follow you and Gini's lead!