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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday Madness


Where do I start? There are so many crazy things in my genes from my ancestry. Senility is one. Alcoholism is another, and depression.

These are things people don't talk about in their genealogy, it's private or shameful. It's embarrassing or hurtful, painful.

I agree with all of these. But I also feel it's a part of my genealogy and it's a part of me.

I have close family that are alcoholics and I am a strong believer it's in my genes. I have been lucky enough to know my limitations and to know what could happen if I were to drink, so as a young adult and a mother I choose not pass that down to my children, and thankfully it has worked.

However I do have depression and I am on medication for it. I take 60mg of Cymbolta everyday. It's a struggle at times and I know I have to stay on my medication or I will have mood swings and become suicidal.

I have written my struggles with my depression in length in my Family Tree Maker. I want future generations to know they aren't alone in this and I strongly believe it's in my genes.

I have good days and bad days like everyone one else and my medication helps a lot with these up and down struggles that life brings my way. But with out it I would be in a ball on my bed and sleep life away or do something to hurt myself.

I am not writing about this for empathy or attention. I am writing about this because it's who I am and it's apart of my family tree, I have many family members who struggle with this disease. I feel it's important to my research to add not only birth records, death records, and marriage records but also medical records and notes on the diseases that run in our family.

I hope is will help others to be bold and don't let embarrassment stop you from adding the these kind of things to your genealogy. I want my great-great grandchildren to know that if they were to have this disease they aren't alone and that perhaps the information and notes I left behind can help them.

We all have things hidden that we are ashamed of or just don't talk about. I want to talk about it and share it with others in hopes of helping even if it's just one person.


  1. What it all boils down to is medical history. This is important information to know. I applaud you for sharing yours with your ancestors.

  2. Thank you so much Amy That really means so much coming from you. I was so nervous people would be appauld by it, but then I am not one who follows the same path as other's I like to take the roads less traveled so to speak. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hey Winnie,
    Congratulations on having the mettle to write and publish this post. Yes, we all have not-so-happy genes in our families. Like you, I've a concerted effort to block some of the negatives from being passed on to my children, and I, too, think it is working.


  4. Renate, Thank you so very much for your comment. May God keep blessing your efforts with your children.

    God Bless

    Love Gwen