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Friday, February 19, 2010

Follow Friday: Cheryl Hoover Davis

My what an amazing lady!!!

The Graveyard Rabbit of Northern Arizona Blog.
Cheryl Hoover Davis, what an amazing Lady!!!!!
This sweet Lady does just about everything. I wonder how she finds the time to get all done.
She has a wonderfully written blog that share's not only her genealogy but bits and pieces of history. She writes like she's telling an amazing story.
She also is a Seamstress and sews costumes for Renaissance/Medieval Faire's. That would be so interesting and fun to travel back in time and see how the people lived and dressed. She's gets to do that, I am intrigued by that.
Her blog has beautiful picture's displayed. One is of Abe Lincoln, who just happens to be my favorite President.
Cheryl is a member of Grave Mappers, we have a common passion, I also love cemeteries.
Cheryl and I met on Facebook and I proudly consider her a good friend and wonderful teacher. She has a big giving heart and helps others diligently. I recommend to all my reader
s to check out Cheryl's blog and I promise you will love it as much as I do.

She loves witches!!!!
Your wonderful Cheryl!!!!


  1. Oh, my, Gwen! I'm honored! Now you've spurred me to get busy on my blogs again! It's been a busy year, and I need to catch up!

    Thanks, dear...I'm happy to have met you and call you my friend.


    1. I hope so I love reading them!!!!
      Sorry I never got an alert about getting your comment.
      I was just doing some editing and saw it.
      Thank you