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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Follow Friday: Felicia R Mathis.

Today I would like to talk about a lady I truly admire, Felicia R Mathis.

She has a family dedication you just don't see everyday. You can tell by reading her blog how important her family is to her. She truly has a passion for her roots. I personally feel I can learn a lot from this extraordinary lady and look forward to reading her blogs.
I honestly do not know a lot about Afro-American Genealogy but I know I will learn from Felicia and the wonderful way she writes. I have 6 grandchildren and 5 of them have this heritage, from which I will enjoy learning from Felicia, and hand this down to my grand babies. She has been a big inspiration to me. Thank you Felicia for your wonderful talent in blogging, I am proud to have you as a friend and teacher, you are a true blessing to the genealogy community and to my life. Thank you sweetie for your wonderful insight and your beautiful blog.


  1. Thank You!! I really appreciate your kind words. Although I Blog for myself and I feel I am guided by my Ancestors, I am so proud that I have inspired a few along the way. I to am a beginner, but I feel like I have been doing this for years. I welcome you GWEN to the Genea Community and I to look forward to you're posts and reading abt you're family history and all new discoveries.
    God Bless,

    P.S. I to loved the Secret Lives of Bees. It is one of my favorites!

  2. Nice post about Felicia. She'a a gem. Looking forward to meeting her next weekend in Savannah,GA.

  3. Excellent choice and a wonderful tribute. :)