Monday, April 20, 2015

My 5th Great Grand-Aunt

Nancy Terick was born on 6 Dec 1802 in Harrison, Charles, VA. She died 19 April 1889 in Harrison County, WV (not sure of accuracy of the county she  died.

Her parents were Henry J Tetrick & Catherine Davis 

She married Richard Perry Parrish Jr. They had 14 Children!!!

Emmett Ernest Rider my 2nd Cousin 1x Removed

Emmett Ernest Rider was born on 22 Aug 1931 in Sioux City, IA. He died of a heart attack on 19 Apr 1973 in El Paso, TX.

He was a sergeant Major in the United States Army. He joined when he was 18 years old. He his buried at Fort Bliss National Cemetery. He was Methodist like me.

He was married to Mary Louise Norby

My 4th Great-Grand Uncle

Reuben Amick was born 1805 in Pesdleton, WV, died 19 Apr 1899 in Junction City, KS he married 1825 in Pedleton, WV to Anna Benneman. his parents were Henry Amick & Elizabeth Barbara Niemand.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Surname Saturday Gabriel

Frances Barbara Gabriel She was born on 31 Dec 1854 in  Oswego County, New York to Augustus Charles Gabriel & Ana Magdelena Hoelhoger. She died 18 April 1945 in Cherokee County, IA.






Frances as a little girl

Frances as a little girl

Frances baby pic

Frances and her daughter Eva

Frances' grave site the day she buried
Frances' father Augustus Charles Gabriel

Frances' husband John Christian Peters

They had 11 Children

Cora Estella
John Henry
Orlin Bradly
Mae Anna
Harry Albert
Eva Elizabeth
George Fremont
Jesse Frances
*Nellie Irene
Ray Augustus
Elsie Kathryn

I will be doing another post with their information and photo's I have more re-search to do before I am willing to put miss information out there.

Surname Saturday

Louis Gustav Imoff was born 6 Oct 1877 in Versailles, Morgan, MO. Died 18 April 1956 in Tipton, Moniteau, MO. He married 29 Apr 1902 in Tipton, Mo to Rose Lena Becker.

Louis Gustav Imoff , Rose Lena Becker and children

Their Children:
1) Emma Margaret born 2 Jan 1903 Tipton, Mo died 2 Jan 1993 in Tipton, MO Married 1 Dec 1928 to Claud R Howard.
2) Louise Mary born 14 Aug 1904, Married Henry Charles Brandt Jr.
3) Howard born 1905
4) Oscar Joseph born 12 Jul 1907 in Tipton, MO, died 9 Nov 1977 in Tipton, Mo buried in St Andrew's Cemetery
5) Clarine B born 20 Feb 1910 died 5 May 1915, buried in St. Andrew's Cemetery, Tipton, MO
6) Frederick Henry born 4 Jan 1914 in Tipton, MO died Feb 1987 in Tipton, MO buried in St. Andrew's Cemetery. Married 9 Aug 1948 in Tipton, MO to Enda Juanita Ramsey.
7) William Louis born 28 Jul 1917 in Tipton, Mo died 30 Nov 1927 Boonvilee, Cooper, MO. Buried in St. Andrew's Cemetery in Tipton, Mo.

Clarine B Imoff

Oscar Joseph Imoff

Honoring A Lady

Dorothy Couch-Robertson

My beloved Grandmother Dorothy Couch-Robertson died on this day in 2001. I remember my Mom calling me to tell me the sad news. I felt an overwhelming sense of grief and gratitude. I am proud and honored that I was her granddaughter. One of many yes. We all have our special memories of time spent with her and experiences 

She was a widow for 39 years, I could not imagine how lonely that could be at times.

She worked at JcPenny's in Sioux Falls, SD, she was also the President of the World War I Widows in Stockton, CA. She was very involved in her church (Baptist).

It was always about family. She gave birth to 6 children (The Brady Bunch) 3 girls and 3 boys. She had 20 some grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren. She lived to be 98 years old.

I celebrate today with loving memories of playing dress up with her clothes and playing with her many perfumes and make-up. I celebrate her love of life and living it as full as one can. I celebrate with her belief of God and the importance of prayer. 

If I was honored to sit with you one last time, I would hold your hand, kiss your cheek and tell you how much you mean to me. I would ask lots more questions and have you meet Christopher. He has a kind heart, I taught him that, the way you and Momma taught me. I would love that, as would too.

I will see you again Grandma when my time is due and we will have an infinity to catch up and share.

I love you Grandma!!!!!! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Delpia Caroline Vanderpool (A Mother's Loss)

Delphia Caroline Vanderpool was born 16 Dec (on My Birthday) 1852 in Mercer Co., MO, She died 17 Apr 1929 in Indian valley, Adam, ID

What was life like for this Lady???? I would say it was tough. She lost 2 children. Very sad. 

Delphia Caroline Vanderpool-Fears

 Delphia Caroline Vanderpool-Fears

She married 15 Jan 1878 in Gurdy Co., MO, to William Henry fears and they had 4 children.

Delphia Caroline Vanderpool & William Henry Fears Marriage record

Delphia Caroline Vanderpool & William Henry Fears

William Henry Fears

Their Children:
1) Ethel Herbert born 15 Oct 1880 in Trenton, MO, he married Jeanetta Agnes Daw. 
Both Jeanetta (His wife) and Ethel went to Valparaiso University 
Valparaiso, Indiana,  Located at the intersection of E Morthland Dr (US Hwy 30) at Sturdy Rd. 15 minutes away from Indian Dunes State Park. Ethel got his Pharmacy degree and Jeanetta got her Teaching degree. Before marriage in 1908. He died 17 July 1952 in Oroville, WA.

Ethel Herbert Fears & Jeanetta Agnes Daw Marriage Record

Ethel & Jeanetta's wedding picture

Ethel Herbert Fears Graduation Picture From Valparaiso University

Ethel Herbert Fears

2) Blanche born 7 July 1884 in Gurdy Co., Mo, died 9 Aug 1884 in Gurdy Co., Mo.

3) Baby birth & death unknown

4) Birtie born & died 28 Aug 1882 in Gurdy, Mo.

A Lady Who Died Too Young Flora Ellen Linn

Flora Ellen Linn ws born in 1862 and died on 17 Apr 1895 in Iowa. She was 33 years old.

Her parents were William Lawrence Linn & Raphael Ann Robertson.

Her Father William lost his wife early she was 36 years old and he was left to raise 6 children alone,and another child Anna Laura Linn only livd to be 27 years old.  He lived to be 76 years old. How sad for him to have so many losses in a lifetime.

A Story About A Butcher Who Had A Dream (Diefenbach)

Once upon a time a man had a dream to come to America. He was born 3 Oct 1864 in Damstadt, Hessen, Germany. His parent's named him Valentine Augustus Diefenbach.  he arrived in America in 1890 on the ship SS Havel. landing in New York City. He was 28 years old. He was a butcher by trade and was heading to St. Louis, MO. The fear and excitement he must of felt while walking off that ship that day.

Valentine and wife infront of their butcher shop St. Louis MO
Valentine August Diefenbach 

He married Marie Dupree and they had 4 children.

In 1914 he lived at 449 Wilmington Rd in St. Louis, MO.

He passed on into the light on 17 April 1946 in St. Louis, MO

Eliza Jane Copenhaver

Eliza Jane Copenhaver was born in 19863 in Harrison, WV. She died 16 April 1938 in Parkersburg, Wood, WV.

Her parents were James Wilson Copenhaver & Asenith Serena Cunningham.

This is my Maternal line.
She had 2 husbands.

John William Hildreth married 31 Aug 1879
Eliza married William Storey and had 8 children.

1) Mabel 1892-17 Feb 1968
2) Alfred 1894-1895
3) Lottie 1895-1904
4) William Walter 20 Nov 1897 in Mannington, WV, died in 1984. was married 14 Feb 1923 to Olga Burk. In 1929 they went to Aruba on the ship SS I.C. White. He was an oil worker.

William Walter Storey

5) James Martin born 20 Jan 1900, died Oct 1979 in Verona, PA, buried in Shinnston, WV. Was an oil worker.

6) Elizabeth Sena born 12 Oct 1902 , died 26 Aug 2001 in Bridgeport, WV.

7) Julia born 1907

8) Harry Albert born 1909, died 1970

There are some hole's and missing items in this tree but I am determined to fill those blanks in and correct the mess online...I wish beginners would ask for help and not just take things as gold.