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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Story of "PATCHES THE CLOWN"

"Patches" was born in 1979 in Bismarck, ND.  

Ruth G Robertson-Kubberness started the "Holy Fools" Who were clowns for Christ, and "Patches" was the beginning. She started at McCabe Untied Methodist Church in Bismarck, ND. She went before 2 governors and had April 1st declared as "Holy Fools Day" It came from the this passage, 1 Corinthians 4:10 "We Are Fools For Christ." She has helped Senator Gary Dahl with his campaign and clowned in several parades.

She is a giving, kind, loving women with so much love to give to others.

She has a heart of gold and has passed her love of God to all three of us children. I dedicate my blog today to my mom. Life would be so sad without her. She has enough love for every person she meets. She also works at Red Cross and is very involved in her church. She currently lives in Peru, IL.

Patches is the one bottom right corner

I am so amazed at my mom and all she has accomplished. She just recently turned 79 years old and is still clowning. Mom you are truly a beautiful Lady inside and out and I am so blessed to call you my Momma!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Cousin's Corner- Anna Noel

I have an awesome cousin, Anna Noel!!!!

Anna Lives and works in Moscow, Russia, She is a very special LADY!!! She is very adventurous and has been to Africa on Safari a few times.

Anna Marie Noel

  She is loving and giving and has a heart of gold. I am very blessed to have her as my COUSIN!


I have been tracing the Noel line for Anna for several years and have just recently started printing it out. It's taking a long time because there's a lot of information and I want everything in order and correct before binding it and sending it off to her.

I am still trying Anna thank you for your patience.

Steph and Anna Sisters in Istanbul

I have a daughter I named Annastacia Marie after my beautiful COUSIN Anna. I spelled Annastacia this way so Anna's name would be in it. Growing up in Stockton, CA in the 70's I met this side of my family and I was so excited to know I had so many cousin's it was like having sister's that I did not have being raised with two little brother's.

Anna has 10 siblings I would think that would be a great gift from God.

Anna I honor you in this blog and hope you always have happiness and love in your heart. Love you so much.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My Ham Ancestor's

My Ham line starts with my 3rd Great-Grandmother, Sarah Ann Ham born abt 1799 in Wedmore, Somerset, England, died in Iowa, married James Botley Whiting born abt 1801 in England, died in Iowa City, Iowa.

1851 Census England

Her parents were William Richard Ham born 30 May 1764 in Weare, Somerset, England, died Jan 1842 England. Married Mary Elizabeth Banwell born 1777 Ropley, Hampshire, England (not confirmed yet) died Mar 1845 in Weare, Somerset, England.

Her Grandparents: Richard Ham born 1732 in Finchley, Middlesex, England. died 1811 in Somerset, England. Married Mary Poole born 1737 in Somerset, England, died Mar 1797 in Somerset, England.

Weare, Somerset, England is a small Village.

I am still researching a few things to confirm her grandparents birth and death places.

Someday I would to make a trip to England and research all my lines from there, I am sure it would take me months, but I can dream!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Military Monday WWI Letters

My Grandfather George Edgar Robertson was in WWI. My Grandmother Dorothy couch Robertson kept these letters he had sent and received from his family while in the War. I scanned all of them into my computer so I can share them on my blog. So every Monday I shall post one. I have posted a few in the past.

This Letter is to Gearge Edgar Robertson from his mother Mary Ursula Becker Robertson dated July 5, 1918 from Sioux City, Iowa.

Monday, May 5, 2014


My 2nd Great-Grandmother was:

Lucy Wilkinson born 14 Jul 1849 Conflicting place on a census I came across it as Illinois but family records show England.  I am still working this out.
She died 22 Mar 1882, She married Joseph Whiting he was born Oct 1840 in Chapel Allerton, Somerset, England. He died 17 Jan 1913 place is conflicting I have more research to do.


1) Hattie Elizabeth Whiting Born abt 1870 in Iowa and died 24 JAn 1948 in Guyman, Oklahoma.

 she married in 1900 to William Anderson Cooper who was born 19 May 1860 in Marion, Iowa died 16 Dec 1940 in Guyman, Oklahoma.
             (1) Lucy Eveline Cooper born 23 Apr 1906 in                    DesMoines, Iowa. died 18 Dec 1987 in
                   Longdale, Oklahoma.

 Married Daniel Greenfield Shaw on 23 Apr 1924 in Longdale, Oklahoma. He was born 20 Jan 1903 in Blaine, Oklahoma. died 13 Feb 1975 Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma.
                              1-MarvinVern Shaw born 1924 in Longdale, Oklahoma died 1925 in Longdale, Oklahoma
                              2-Louella Shaw born 13 Jul 1928 in Longdale, Oklahoma died 20 Nov 2008 in Carmichael, California.
                              3-Loretta Elizabeth Shaw born 11 Aug 1938 in Longsdale, Oklahoma, died 27 Apr 1997 in Watonga, Oklahoma

             (2) Frank Frederick Cooper born 21 May 1909
                   Blaine, Oklahoma He died Mar 1972

2) Harry Whiting born 11 Aug 1870 in Dubuque, Iowa, died 30 Oct 1887 in Alta, Iowa

3) Jessie Whiting born Oct 1872 in Dubuque, Iowa, died aft 1948 Iowa, married Mary May Kruse born Feb 1874, died in Iowa.
              (1) Loretta Whiting born Dec 1897 in Iowa
              (2) Inez Eleanor Whiting born 14 Sep 1905 in George, Iowa died 14 Apr 1997 in Sioux City, Iowa.

4) Louisa Jane Whiting born 22 Nov 1873 in Dubuque, Iowa died 5 Sep 1916 in Mower, MN Married Robert N Darr he was born Sep 1872 in Illinois and died in MN.

               (1) Matthew Durward Darr born 10 Aug 1899 in MN died 5 Dec 1957 in Mower, MN

               (2) Vera Darr

5) Annabella Whiting born 27 Apr 1875 in Cherokee, IA died 2 Nov 1963 in Arlington, SD married Theron Converse he was born 8 Feb 1871 in Austin, MN.
               (1) Ruth Gwendola Converse born 6 Jan 1897 in Aurelia, IA, died 10 Apr 1974 in Brookings, SD.
               (2) Clyde Converse born 19 Jun 1899 in Aurelia, IA died 18 Jul 1979 in Arlington, SD
               (3) Laverne Converse born 13 Feb 1902 Aurelia, IA, died Aug 1975 in Arlington, SD
               (4) Lawrence Leroy Converse born 8 Nov 1904 in Aurelia, Iowa, died 30 Jan 1958 in Arlington, SD
               (5) Bessie Rosaline Converse born 3 May 1906 in Iowa City, IA, died 2 Dec 1993 in Minneapolis, MN
               (6) Lloyd born 20 Aug 1914 in Iowa City, IA died 16 May 2002 in Arlington, SD

6) Carrie Elizabeth Whiting born abt 1877 Iowa, died 4 Nov 1948 in Alta, IA married 28 Feb 1899 in  Alta, IA to Gustav Johanneson born 26 MAy 1873 in IA died 14 Sep 1945 in Alta, IA
                (1) Erstella Irene Johanneson born 13 Apr 1900 in Pitcher, IA died 16 Sep 1952 in Stormlake, IA
                (2) Marvel Dora Johanneson born 15 MAr 1902 in Pitcher, IA died 6 Oct 1989
                (3) Walter L Johanneson born 23 Aug 1903 in Pitcher, IA, died 25 JAn 1981 in Los Angeles, CA
                (4) Gladys Joy Johanneson born 23 Jul 1905 in Aurelia, IA died 1 Jan 1994 in Stormlake, IA

Any typing errors??? My 7 year old Grandson Christopher type this up for me with little help from me.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Cousin's Corner

Roxy and her mom Betty

I am dedicating one day a week to a cousin of mine. I have so many I may never run out, because one of my Aunts had 11 children!!!

The very first cousin of mine that I ever met is Roxy (Roxanne) Reihn- Haas. She is my cousin from My dad's sister Betty Rae Kubberness.

I remember when I was little and spending many days visiting my Grandmother Kub (Ruth Gwendola Converse-Kubberness).

Those days were always filled with love and fun. My cousin Roxy and her brother and sister would visit  too. I thought she was a beautiful princess, and I loved her name. She is not only a beautiful special Lady she has a wonderful, giving heart. She is devoted to her family.

I am proud to have such a LADY in my family.

Roxy you Rock!!!!!

A cousin is a relative with whom a person shares one or more common ancestors.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fabulous Female Friday: Annabella Whiting

Annabella Whiting born 27 April 1875 near Cherokee, Iowa and died 2 Nov 1963 in Arlington, South Dakota. She married 20 Feb 1893 in Arlington, SD to Theron Converse.

Wife of a farmer isn't an easy one.

She was my Great-Grandmother on my Father's side. She was a kind, gentle women, My Dad has fond memories of her. Here's a few pictures.

Annabella and her siblings

Annabella's grave Arlington, SD

Annabella holding my dad

Jonanna Wilhemina Hamp

Johanna Wilhelmina Hamp was my Great-Grandmother, who died from complications in child birth. She was born 1 March in Levin, Melchin, Germany, and died 21 Feb 1896 in Pecatonica, IL. She married 7 Feb 1873 in Levin. To Johann Frederick Theodor Kubbernus.

They Had 8 children and lived their last years in a beautiful Town, Pecatonica, Illinois. My mom and I made a trip there and found all kinds of information on this family plus some graves. The cemetery there is awesome, it's stones are so unique.

I wonder why the youngest child Anna never married? She died in 1969 in Santa Rosa, CA and was buried in Arlington, SD

Wilhelmina's (Minnie as she was called) Grave in Pecatonica, IL

Johann Frederick Kubbernus & wife Wilhelmina Hamp

They came to America from Germany in 1888 with 7 children, one being born in America. How brave yet scary. I wonder what her thoughts were as they boarded the ship and what was the journey like? How did it feel to get off the ship and be here in America in 1888?

Tabitha Ward

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Tabitha Ward was born 16 May 1675 in Marlborough, MA and died 1755 in Marlborough, MA. She married Samuel Fay on 16 May 1699 in Marlborough, MA.
She was my 6th Great-Grandmother on my Maternal side.

Massachusetts Bay Clony 1675

Here's some clothing for that time, I am sure some of my ancestors must of worn.

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  Work Bag the women carried their knitting in
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