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Monday, April 28, 2014

Bourrett Line from S.D.

My father- in-law of my 2nd great Uncle
William Lewis Bourrett was born on 25 May 1846 in Dubuque, Iowa and died 13 Fen 1917 in Dubuque, Iowa. He married Martha Patience Benton date unknown at this time. She was born 18 July 1860 Union. South Dakota. Died 13 Fen 1924 I am still researching her death place. I am thinking its Sioux City, IA.
They had 9 children

1) Martha Jane born 8 Aught 1876 SD died 1 April 1906

2) Louis A born Aught 1878 SD

3) Arthur I born 1879 SD died November 1917 in Sioux City, IA

4) James T born 1881 SD

5) Eddie E born June 1883 SD

6) Ettie Emily born 16 June 1883 died 29 Ape 1857 Sioux City, IA She was married to Ralph Cavit Robertson

7) Ella Erastus born 26 Sept 1885 Union, SD

8) Amy J 1891 SD

9) Lawrence Raphael born 30 Mar 1893 in Union, SD died 11 Mar 1985 in Downey, CA

Whats unique is both Ettie and her husband Ralph are twins.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gravestone Contract 1879 Iowa

I came across my great-great grandfather's Gravestone Contract. Upon enlarging it and printing it out I swore it says KILLER or KILLED. I have posted it on here, for you to look at and share your thoughts.

I felt it was pretty awesome to see this document, that someone else put on, I don't think they see what I see. The old handwriting is hard to decipher. ?? I had never heard of Gravestone contracts before and find this simply inquisitive.

So John Edgar Robertson  went to this company to order a gravestone for the cemetery on April 30, 1879. in Franklin Township, Washington County, Iowa. I am almost positive it would of been in Sioux City, Iowa where he lived. He ordered a set of Vermont Marble Grave Stones, 5 feet long. With inscription to be as follows John Robertson died Feb 26, 1879 Aged 74 yrs, 11 mo, 16 days.
Obviously there's 3 gravestone or 3 inscriptions One for Hugh M Robertson, A. Robertson who is Alexander, both John's son's.
Tell me what you think.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Widows Of Worl War I

My Grandmother Dorothy Couch Robertson was a member of the Widows of World War I.

My Grandmother Dorothy Couch Robertson is farthest to the right

My Grandmother was honored as President of their chapter.

I am Honoring my beloved Grandmother today.
I am so proud to know how she helped so many other women who lost their husbands due to War. What a loving gesture.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Day Celebrated

My memories of Easter are from when I was very little and spent time at my Grandma Kub's in Arlington, SD.

My mom sewed all my clothes when I was young and I had the whole outfit, dress, hat, gloves, and purse.

I loved going to Grandma's house, She always had treats for me and was cooking up some good food. I would get a basket filled with candy, chocolate bunny and stuffed rabbit.

My Grandma Kub (Ruth Gwendola Converse Kubberness) holding me.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I have been working on my RUPHEY line, not going very well, here's what I have thus far.

Catherine Ruphey born 1746 in Maine and died 1833. She was married to Jacob Tetrick.

All I have found is old maps of Maine, which is a wonderful, but I would like to know more about Catherine and where she died. I am thinking it could be Pennsylvania but need to confirm it. In the meantime here are a few maps I found.


MCCranny Line

Mary McCranney was born 2 Nov 1690 in Springfield, MA and died 30 Mar 1761 in Springfield, MA. She married Thomas Bliss who was born 29 Oct 1673 in Springfield. MA and died 12 Aug 1758 in Longmeadow, Hampdon, MA.

They had the following children:

Mary Bliss
Thomas Bliss
Henry Bliss

1690 Farmhouse
 1690 Fashion

1690 furnature
I can imagine my ancestor in this farmhouse doing her daily chores. Taking care of her children.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Eccleston Line

Eliza Eccleston was born 14 Feb 1822 in Preston, Chenango, New York, died 8 Sep 1887 in Wilet, Cortland, New York. She married Joshua Bliss who was married 29 Apr 1818 in Preston, Chenango, New York and died 17 Jun 1883 in Willet, Cortland, New York.

They Had five Children:
Mary Jane Bliss
George Washington Bliss
Rudolph Bliss
William N Bliss
Delos Bliss

I imagine Eliza my 4th Great-Grandmother wearing the following fashions which were popular in the 1820's

I can see my Great Grandmother sitting in a rocker sewing a hole in a sock dressed like this.
Looking at the fashions of the era your ancestor lived helps to see how they may have looked.

My Yancey Line

As I do my research I find myself amazed at how advanced technology has become. I wonder what my ancestor's would say or do with all the modern conveniences of today. Would they be shell shocked or amazed as I am.

I believe most things are wonderful for our society today, but something's I have noticed are getting lost. Like letter writing and book reading, cursive hand wringing isn't even taught in schools anymore. I have had to teach my grandson Christopher how to sign his name. He is only 7 years old but I learned in Kindergarten.

My 4th Great-Grandmother Francis Yancey was born in 1769 in Culpeper, VA and died 1794 in Kentucky. She married Augustin Cowne on 2 Jan 1789 in Culpeper County, VA

What kinds of things did she do?
What was a typical day like for her?
Did she sew? Did she milk a cow? Bake?

Sometimes I wish I had a time machine or a crystal ball, so I could watch and record everything my ancestor's did. That would be so awesome.

Because I don't know much about Frances I have become more aware of documenting everything my family that's still living does. I know they must get sick on me always asking questions like what Chapter of the Eagles do you belong, or quilting guild? But I am trying to insure my future generations have tons of information on us when we have be gone for over 50 or 100 years.

Frances parents were John Yancey and Susannah Coleman.  He was born in 1734 in Culpeper, VA and died in 1825 in Todd, KY, She was born in 1748 in Culpeper, VA and died there in 1799 they had 7 children.

How did they provide for all those children? And did Susannah sew their clothes?

So many questions and very little answers. Guess some will never be answered but some treasures are hidden and I will have to become a great researcher to find the gems.