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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Surname Saturday- Becker line

Surname Saturday: Seeking Help!!!
Picture is the Becker Family Reunion 1909 Tipton, MO
Seeking infomation on Margaret Helen Kuttenkuler (Becker)'s mom's line.
Anna Margaret Buecher born 19 May 1861 in Colonge, Germany, died 15 May 1929 in Tipton, MO.

8 Hours after her son was killed by a lightning strick, Margaret died, possibly because she was so distraught over the death of her son.

She was married twice: John Peter Bestgen & Henry Kuttenkuler.

Children with John Peter Bestgen:
Peter J Bestgen born 23 Mar 1854 Tipton, MO died 20 Apr 1925 Tipton, MO.
Catherine Bestgen Born abt 1850 in Tipton, MO.
John Andrew Bestgen born 22 Sep 1856 Tipton, MO, died 20 Feb 1936 in Tipton, MO Struck by lightening.
John Peter Bestgen Born 23 Mar 1854 Tipton, Mo, died 20 Apr 1925 Tipton, MO.

1880 Pensylvania census list's her with her sister Catherine Busher (they may have spelled it wrong). I am seeking anything that will help me advance my tree. Looking for Anna's parents. I have subscription to Ancestry and have not found them there. Any suggestions would be really wonderful.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Follow Friday: Genealogy Wise

Genealogy Wise

This site is a good web site to talk to others and post your genealogy. You can post pictures and the surnames your working on and has an instant chat to talk to other genealogist's about research and problems you may have encountered.

I have found lost family members and others tied to my family history I never knew.
They have a link for genealogy courses you can take online and certifiactes you can earn. They also give free courses on occasion. March 15th there will be a free course on Social Media. You can register at their web site link I have below. Please check it out I think you will find it interesting and fun.

Additional Resources

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday

My daddy got this plane when I was 6 years old. He use to take my brother Rick and I up in it and we thought it was so cool see all the little houses and roads and cars. it looked like a little play town.

He would go threw the clouds and we thought we clould reach out and touch them cause they looked like cotton.

He would tip us up-side down and do loop to loops. This is one of many fond memories I have with my daddy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mappy Monday

Johann Kubbernus born abt 1779 in Levin, Melchin, Germany. Hemarried Elizabeth Dorothea Wegner, she was born 7 Sep 1779 in Zarnekow, Germany, She died in 1848 in Zarnekow, Germany.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Surname Saturday- Mary aria Graf

I have been researching my dad's biological family history as well as his adoptive side. I previously posted my dad's adoption papers. I have a copy of his birth certificate, oddly it lists his biological mother's name. His parents never kept the truth from him. He has always known he we adopted, along with his sister Betty who is not biological. I will start with his mother and her parents:

Dorothy Mary Peters was born 13 June 1914 in Sheridan, Wyoming, and died 6 January 1989 in Merced, California. My dad's father is unknown.

Her parents were Martin Richard Peters born 22 October 1878 in Barton, Washington, Wisconsin. Died 19 September 1947 in Edgemont, Fall River, South Dakota, He was buried 22 September 1947 in the Edgemont Cemetery.

He married on 27 January 1910 in Sheridan, WY, to Mary Louise Sack who was born 25 February 1887 in St. Marys, Kansas and died on 18 January 1972 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. She is buried in the Edgemont Cemetery.

Martin Richard Peters Parents:
John Arnold Peters born 20 Dec 1840 in Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, died 1908. Married 16 February 1862 to Dorothea Mae Kneck who was born 15 August 1842 in Maeienbaun, Germany, died 30 March 1886. That ends my Peters line so far.

Mary Lousie Sack's Parents:
John Sack born 14 May 1856 in Russia, died December 1941, Married Mary Maria Graf (date and place unknown). She was born 5 March 1866 bern, Switzerland. Died 12 Aug 1937 in St. Marys, Pottawtomie, Kansas.

John Sack's Parents:
Kasper Sack born 8 March 1835 in Semenofka, Russia, died 11 January 1909 in Hays, Ellis, Kansas. He married Anna Marie Keune born 15 December 1835 in Semenofka, Russia., died 24 May 1910 in Hays, Ellis, Kansas.

Mary Maria Graf Parents:
John Graf born 18 December 1825 and died 9 June 1912, married Magdaline Furrer born August 1831 in Heilienschwend, Bern, Switzerland, died October 1901.

Dorothea Mae Kneck Parents:
John Bolivar Kneck/Knick born 19 Jan 1899 in Kerrs Creek, Virginia, died 26 Jan 1944 in kerrs Creek, Virginia, He married Otta Moses Higgins she was born 24 June 1903 in East Lexington, Lexington, Virginia, died 17 Mar 1969 in Lexington, Lexington, Virginia.

I am still in search of the peters line and working hard on it, with the aid of I do have more on the Kneck and Higgins lines and will post the rest next Saturday.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wisdom Wedensday

I am going to change this around a little instead of giving wisdom I am going to ask for some.
I have been working on my Robertson/Cowen line for some time and still haven't found the Cowen line. Here is what I have so far. (These are my 3rd Graet-Grandparents)

John Edgar Robertson born 10 Mar 1804 in Kentucky (from 1860 Morning Sun Twp Census IA). He died 1876 in Washington, Adams, Iowa. Married on 20 jan 1831 KY to Abigail Cowen/Cown. She was born 13 Nov 1812 place unknown. Died 22 Jul 1938 in KY.

Their children:

Alexander Cowen Robertson b.8 July 1838 d. 2o May 1896 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA (my 2nd great-grandfather)

Mary Frances Robertson b. 2 Feb 1832 KY, Was married a Glenn, Child: Zelda A. Glenn

Raphael Ann Robertson b. 5 Nov 1833 KY, died Mar 170 in Louisa, IA. Married William L. Linn

Hugh Mayne Robertson b. 13 April 1836 d. 12 July 1863 due to a shell that exploded during the Civil War.

I would like to find out who John Edgar Robertson's parents were and Abigail's Parents.

Some think that purhaps her name was Mary S Abigail Cowen because of the 1860 Iowa Census record. I am not sure. I have lopoked on and found different variations. In the 1870 Washington County, Iowa census only list's John no wife but Mary Glenn his daughter and grandaughter Zeldia Glenn (This is the spelling they show) are listed and Alexander and his household are also listed in this census.

World Connect I found the following:

"Union Soldiers from the May 3, 1863 Richland Creek fight were buried on
Richland Creek behind his house. He lived on Richland 18W-15N sec28.
"1. James D. Robertson (son of John Jr. Robertson) lived on Richland near
where Thomas (son) Hendrix lives now (18W-15N-Sect 28). He was County
Judge 1842-1844. On Dec 6, 1861, he signed a petition for release of
Searcy County citizens who were members of the Peace Organization
Society. Union Soldiersfrom a May 3, 1864 skirmish on Richland Creek
were buried in the "Nigger Patch" behind his house. (Richland Creek has
now washed away the burial place.) Confederate guerrilla Captain George
SOLDIER", Argus Press, Van Buren, Ar 1897, p 46. 'We went back to a hou
where a family lived by the name of Robertson. There had been four or
five Federals killed right in front of the house. The lady of the house
came out and she and her three daughters looked at those who were killed
in front of the house and also on the battleground and exclaimed:"Thank
God! Here are three of the dirty scamps who killed my husband and my son
about three weeks ago." They seemed to rejoice over the victory gained
there very much. They walked about over the ground and seemed to care as
little for those dead soldiers as they would had they been a lot of dead
hogs - held up by the thought of their dead father and brothers, and of
their being avenged by the killing of the men who had killed them." The
Union soldiers were from the 2nd Arkansas Calvalry (Union) led by A"

NancyDrewFanadded this on 31 Mar 2009

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mappy Monday

Iowa State Map 1895

Alexander Cowen Robertson was born 8 July 1838 place
unknown at this time. Died 20 may 1896 in Sioux City,
Woodbury, Iowa.

He married Elizabeth Jane Cavit on 23 Dec 1862 in Washington,
Adams, Iowa. She was born 28 Aug 1843 in Beaver Dam, PA.
She died 8 Feb 1903 in Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa.

Alexander's Parents were John Edgar Robertson born 10 Mar 1804
in Kentucky and died in 1876 in Washington, Adams, Iowa. He
married on 20 Jan 1831 in Kentucky. Abigail Cowen was born on
13 Nov 1812 place unknown and died 22 July 1938 in Kentucky.

Would love more information on this line including Abigail's parents.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sentimental Sunday- Old Family Photo's

Old Photo's My Mom gave Me Recently

The first photo is my grandparents George Edgar Robertson & Dorothy Couch. The second photo is of my Aunt Dolly (Jewell Mary Robertson) Noel and 2 of her 11 children Stephine & Theresa Noel. The Third photo is of my grandparents George Edgar Robertson & Dorothy Couch. the fourth is my Uncle George Edgar Robertson Jr & Jim Holcomb (married to Dorothy Robertson (Dot). The fifth is My Aunt Dot (Dorothy Robertson-Holcomb) John Robertson & my mom Ruth Robertson-Kubberness. The sixth & seventh photo'sare of Dot & Ruth Robertson. Eighth is Dorothy Couch (Robertson) & her sister Jewell Couch (Wholert). Nineth photo is George Edgar Robertson, wife Dorothy Couch, daughter Ruth Robertson & 3 soldiers Dorothy invited for dinner. The last photo is Dorothy Couch-Robertson and daughter Ruth at Clear Creek Camp Grounds 1940.
It's always senimental to see old family photo's, I really enjoy them. I look at them and wonder what things were like then. How they lived.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Surname Saturday- Andrew Jackson HAynes

Andrew Jackson Hanyes and second wife Tabitha Suddeath

Andrew was born Dec 1828 in Monroe, WV, died 1917 in Nicholas county, WV. He married his first wife onn 17 Aug 1848. Her names was Martha Campbell who is my 3rd great-grandmother. She was born on 1829 Greenbrier County, WV, died 1859. He married Tabitha 1859 in Virginia City, Storey , NV.
He enlisted in the Civil War 6 Feb 1861 in Gauley Bridge, WV.
This Haynes line is suppose to be part of Gov. John Haynes but I have yet to find the connection.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Friend of a Friend: South Carolina Slave Abstracts

I am A Friend of A Friend to the End!!!!

These Abstracts I found as I was doing genealogy research on, on my Baird line who came from Abbeville, South Carolina. I sure hope this information can help someone in their research of slave and Afro-American Family Histories.

Abbeville, South Carolina for
NEWSPAPER Issue of AUGUST 5, 1846
Absconded from the subscriber in the month of June last, my negro man BOB,
20 years of age, about 5 feet 6 inches high, stout made, rather a yellow
complexion, thick lips, talks thick or hoarse; he is a field hand but has
for two years partially worked in a blacksmith shop. The above reward will
be paid for his delivery at Mount Hill, Abbeville district, or any jail in
the state of South Carolina, or fifty dollars for proof to convict any
person having conveyed him out of this state, or unlawfully traded him in
any way whatsoever. John DONNALD Jr., Aug. 5, 1846

The subscriber offers for sale the Plantation on which he lives, three and a
half miles above Hamburg, lying on the Savannah River, containing about Five
Hundred Acres of Land. On the premises are a two story comfortable dwelling
house in the Piney Woods, out houses, a Grist Mill, Cotton Gin carried by
water, and a small Fishery attached to it.
Also for sale, a Plantation in Barbour County, Alabama, eight miles from the
market town Eufaula, containing Nine Hundred and Sixty Acres of Land, one
third cleared and under a good fence. It has a two story dwelling house, out
houses and quarters for 60 negroes. Geo. PARROTT, July 29, 1846

Committed to the Jail of Abbeville District on the 7th inst., a negro man
who gave his name as HARRISON, and said that he belongs to James BLACKWELL
of Edgefield District near Freeland's Store. Said boy is about 25 or 30
years of age, six feet high, black complexion and appears to be quite an
intelligent negro. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property,
pay charges and take him away. F.P. Robertson, Jailor, April 19, 1851

By virtue of sundry Writs of Fieri Facias, to me directed, I will sell
before the Court House door in the village of Abbeville on the first Monday
in May next, the following property, viz:
One Negro Girl named Celia, levied on as the property of M.D. ROCHE.
95 Acres of Land, bounded by lands of T.R. PUCKET, Hazel SMITH and others;
also 4 negroes, to wit: Lew, Harriet, Sindy and Betty; also 2 horses and 3
cows and calves, 1 yearling, 1 lot of hogs, corn and fodder, 1 small wagon,
1 buggy and harness and a lot of Bacon and Lard, Household and Kitchen
furniture, and Plantation Tools, levied on as the property of Sarah
CUNNINGHAM and Joel SMITH and others.
100 acres of land, bounded by lands of C. ALLEN, Thos. DEAL and others;
levied on as the property of Wm. A. SHAW. S.A. Hodges, Sheriff of Abbeville
District, April 10, 1851

Ranaway from the plantation in Lincoln county, Georgia, of the estate of
John S. WALTON, deceased, about the middle of June last, a negro man named
EPHRAIM. He is aobut twenty-two years of age, five feet six inches high, of
dark complexion, and weights about one hundred and forty pounds. He has a
good countenance and owing to a wart on his tongue, his speech is somewhat
altered. He has been supposed to be lurking about in Willington, South
Carolina and has a brother in Augusta, Georgia. The above reward will be
paid for his delivery or confinement to any Jail so that he can be
recovered. The address of the subscriber is Philomath, Oglethorpe county,
Georgia. L.T. IRVIN Jr. March 15, 1851

Ranaway, from the subscriber, about the 15th of August last, my negro named
HARRY. He is between 50 and 55 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high,
rather light complected and hair tolerably grey. I will give twenty dollars
for his apprehension and delivery to me. My boy has a wife at Mrs. Peggy
Wardlaw's and may be in that neighborhood, or is it quite likely he is in
Edgefield. Archibald TITTLE, Abbeville District, June 21, 1851

Committed to the Jail of Abbeville District on the 13th instant, a negro man
who calls his name LEMON, about 25 years of age, dark complexion, about 5
feet 8 or 10 inches high, says he belongs to Harris HAUSKINS, living in
Houston county, Georgia. The owner is requested to come forward, prove his
property, pay charges and take him away. F.P. Robertson, Jailor, July 23,

Executive Department
Whereas, information has reached me that an atrocious murder was commited
upon John McDANIEL of Barnwell, by six young men, among whom were Seaborn E.
FARMER and William G. TOBIN; and whereas the aforesaid FARMER and TOBIN have
made their escape. Now be it known in order that they may be brought to
trial, I, John H. Means the Governor, do issue this my proclamation offering
a reward of Five Hundred Dollars for the delivery of both or two hundred and
fifty for the deliver of either of them to the Jailor of Barnwell District.
FARMER is about 25 or 28 years old, 5 feet 8 inches high; well made, fair
complexion, blue eyes, light hair, two of his front teeth slightly broken
off. Has a scar on his cheek about an inch and a half long made by the cut
of a knife.
TOBIN is 18 or 19 years old, 5 feet 11 inches high, fair complexion, very
little beard, light hair, white teeth, thick lips, well made and is badly
scarred on the right arm and shoulder. This 5th day of July 1851. J.H.
Means, Governor

I will leave for Red River on the 9th or 10th of September and will take a
few Negroes with me to sell on commission. Persons wishing to avail
themselves of the opportunity must address me at Greenwood. Allen VANCE

Will be sold on Sale Day next, by the legatees of Mary STONE, deceased, a
negro man named CRAWFORD. B.M. McFARLIN, Aug. 15, 1851

NEWSPAPER Issue of Thursday, NOVEMBER 23, 1854
Not long since, two little boys, sons of J.F. CRAWFORD of this District, one
seven years of age and the other nine years of age, were returning from
school when they were fiercely pounced upon by a tame buck roaming at large
over the county. The first attack was upon the younger boy who stood his
ground with the resolution of a Camisard; the older one in the meantime was
coming to his assistance.
The little fellows after a few passes, however, discovered to their dismay
that the long horns and sharp feet of the enraged deer were very dangerous
weapons, and the one first attacked was quickly hurled to the ground
exhausted and bleeding. The maddened animal then turned upon the other who
urged his little brother to seize the opportunity and make his escape across
a neighboring fence. He sprang for it with his remaining strength, and was
in the act of leaping over when he was again set upon and received a deep
wound in his back.
At this moment, a negro man coming up, rescued the young combatants from
their perilous situation, and they were carried home bruised and bleeding
from head to foot. Besides the wound in the back of the younger brother, the
older one had received a horn in his mouth which penetrated the cheek near
the ear, producing an ugly gash. Their clothing, even to their socks, were
stripped off of them in shreds.

Ranaway from the owner James SMITH, in Anderson District, a negro boy BOB,
about 30 years of age, about 5 feet 10 inches high, black complexion, medium
size, weight about 160 pounds. The said negro left on Sunday evening the
14th inst. The owner is now on his way to Texas. Any information concerning
said boy will be communicated to Robert SMITH residing near Cokesbury in
Abbeville district who will pay charges and take him in custody. James
SMITH, Nov. 18, 1854

Court of Equity
Barlett M. CHEATHAM vs. Jane SIMPSON, et. al
Billf for Sale of Trust and Estate
Pursuant to the order of Chancellor Johnston in this case, I will sell at
public outcry at Abbeville courthouse on Sale Day in August next, a likely
family of negroes, viz: a woman Fanny and her five children, Charlotte,
William, Sarah, David and Frank. Wm.H. Parker, Court of Equity, Abbeville
District. July 2, 1855

I will pay the above reward to any one who will lodge my boy RICHARD in
Abbeville Jail. The said boy RICHARD is black, about 6 feet high and stout.
I have reason to believe that he is somewhere in the neighborhood above
Cokesbury, as he has relatives there. J.R. DUKES, Cassville, Georgia, April
15, 1855

Abbeville County, South Carolina for
FEBRUARY 1846, MARCH 1846, APRIL 1846
NEWSPAPER Issue of FEBRUARY 18, 1846
Two negroes belonging to Gen. McDUFFIE were killed on Friday last by two
others, who were acting in the capacity as drivers. We have not been to
learn fully the paticulars of the sad affair. The murderers have been
committed to jail and will soon be put on trial, when all the facts in
connection with it will be developed.

Committed to the Jail of this district as a Runaway on the 9th inst., a
negro man who says his name is Abram and that he belongs to Henry SPIKES,
living near Cambridge. He further says that he was hired to J.M. GOLDING and
that he ran away from him. Abram appears to be about 60 to 70 years of age.
The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take
him away. John Taggart, Jailor

Executive Department
Columbia, 4th Feb. 1846
By his Excellency William Aiken, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over
South Carolina
Whereas, information has been received at this Department that an atrocious
and willful murder was commited on the night of the 18th of January last, in
Marion District, by John BEASLEY, on the body of Jane RUSS of the aforesaid
district, and that the said John BEASLEY has fled from justice.
Now know ye that so that justice may be done, and that the said John BEASLEY
may be brought to legal trial for his offense as aforesaid, I do hereby
offer a reward of One Hundred Dollars for his apprehension and delivery into
any jail in this state.
John Beasley is described as being about 35 years of age, a painter by
trade, 5 feet 7 inches high,a bright mulatto, has a scar under his left jaw
said to have made by a bite in a fight, is thick set and well made, quick
spoken and of proud carriage, with kinky hair. When last heard of he was
near Lumberton in Robertson county, North Carolina.
This fourth day of February, 1846. By the Governor William Aiken

By virtue of sundry Writs of Fieri Facias to me directed, will be sold at
Abbeville Court House on the first Monday in March next, the following
350 acres of land, more or less, levied on as the property of William WARE
and William BARMORE and others.
375 acres of land, more or less, levied on as the property of John LYON and
Samuel P. LEARD for Moses JONES, et al.
250 acres of land, more or less, bounded by Richard MADDOX and others,
levied on as the property of N.M. WARE and John W. POSEY and others.
80 acres of land, more or less, levied on as the property of W.W. ANDERSON
and Reubin ROBERTSON.
50 acres of land, more or less, levied on as the property of John ROSAMOND
316 acres of land, more or less, levied on as the property of John PRATT and
175 acres of land, more or less, bounded by Robert RICHEY and others, levied
on as the property of John RICHEY and Wm. BARMORE and others.
5 negroes, levied on as the property of James M. VANDIVER and Charles B.
FOOSHEE, McKinney THOMAS and others.
1 negroe, levied on as the property of Sanders WILLIAMSON and Wm. C. HILL,
by next friend.
1 mare, Saddle and Bridle, levied on as the property of George O. MORROW and
1 negro, levied on as the property of Frances HERRON and R.C. GORDON, et.
1 negro, levied on as the property of Jehu MOUCHETT and NATHAN BROWN.
1 negro woman Susan and child Cloey, levied on as the property of Sarah A.
1 negro man Larkin, a good blacksmith, levied on as the property of Wm. H.
SIMPSON and James E. ROBERTSON, guard'n.
1 negro boy Phillip, levied on as the property of Jehu MOUCHET and N. BROWN.
1 negro man Armstrong, a good carpenter, levied on as the property of Thos.
HINTON and Thos. C. STEWART, Executor.
1 negro girl, levied on as the property of Joshua WATTS and T.E. SUGGS, et
1 Mare, levied on as the property of Alex DONALD and Harvey NELSON.
1 negro girl, levied on as the property of James PERT and Wm. EDDINS, et al.
1 negro man Mike, levied on as the property of N.M. WARE and J.H. COBB, et
1 negro girl, levied on as the property of A. ARNOLD and H.A. JONES.
15 negroes, Henry, Briss, Fort, Jim, Milly, Nelly, Ethck?, Edmond, Dosh,
Mary, Tena, Dice, Mitchell, Kigh, Wesley, levied on as the property of Wm.
WARE and Samuel L. HILL, Jas. H. COBB and others.
J. Ramey, Sheriff
Feb. 3, 1846

NEWSPAPER Issue of APRIL 1, 1846
Ran away from Hamburg, S.C. last December, my carpenter HANDY. The above
reward will be given to anyone who will lodge him safely in the Augusta,
Charleston or Savannah jail. He is a mulatto, about thirty-five years old,
somewhat above ordinary height, full black eyes, bushy head, square built,
parrot toed. He was badly burned when a boy on his foot and leg, which
caused two of his toes to turn up. He took away with him two hundred and
sixty dollars. It is said that he hired a white man to take him to New York.
It is also said that he is in Abbeville district on Rocky River, harbored by
his sister who lives on the premises of Jonathan JOHNSON. But he is probably
in Augusta or Hamburg. W. W. STARKE, March 18, 1846

NEWSPAPER Issue of APRIL 8, 1846
We learn from the last Spartan news, that the negro man Dave, who is the
supposed murderer of Capt. N.C. VANCE of Laurens Dist., was lodged in
Spartanburg jail on Monday the 30th ult.

By virtue of a sundry Wits of Fieri Facias to me directed, the following
property will be sold at Abbeville court house on the first Monday in May
120 acres of land, more or less, levied on as the property of Jno. DOUGLAS
and A.R. RAMEY.
250 acres of land, more or less, bounded by Noah REEVES, Robt. SMITH, Jesse
GENT and Richard MADDOX, levied on as the property of Wm. PYLES and H.A.
JONES, successor.
1 negro man Peter, levied on as the property of Gab'l HODGES and Geo. CONNOR
for P.D. KLUGH vs. W.C. ANDERSON and Gab'l HODGES.
22 acres of land, more or less, bounded by Milton TRIBBLE, Arter ? WILLIAMS
and others, levied on as the property of John M. BRANYAN and George BIGBY
and others.
327 acres of land, more or less, bounded by John COWAN, James COWAN and
others; one negro boy Lewis; 2 Mules, 2 Mares, one Wagon and one Cart,
levied on as the property of Jos. J. HAWTHORNE and J. and S. DONALD and

NEWSPAPER Issue of APRIL 22, 1846
In a previous issue we mentioned the apprehension and lodgement in jail of
the negro fellow Dave. It was discovered that two white men named KIRBY and
LEE were likewise implicated and accordingly a search was made which soon
resulted in the arrest of both. It appears from the statement made by Dave,
and which is strengthened by KIRBY, that the act was committed by LEE, who
in order to evade subsequent detection, employed slugs instead of balls for
the purpose. They both admit that they were present but deny having aided in
the murder.
KIRBY having became evidence for the state, may by this means escape the
extreme penalty of the law, but the doom of the other two is almost certain.
It can hardly be doubted that their lives will pay the forfeit. KIRBY and
LEE have been brought to jail. The Laurensville Herald, the 13th inst.

By virtue of sundry Writs of Ferie Facias to me directed, will be sold at
Abbeville courthouse on the first Monday in May next:
341 acres of land bounded by Leonard WIDEMAN, Dr. HEARST and others, levied
on as the property of John LYON.
2 Negroes, Lucinda and Jane, levied on as the property of James PATTERSON.
80 acres of land, bounded by Wm. BARMORE, Wm. AGNEW and others, levied on as
the property of W.W. ANDERSON, at the suit of Reuben ROBERTSON vs. Robt. J.
1 Sorrel Mare, levied on as the property of Robert MARTIN, at the suit of
Samuel JORDAN.
A.C. Hawthorne, Sheriff, April 12, 1847

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday

Dorothy Robertson-Couch

This is my treasure, my gram ma, and this beautiful picture my mom just gave to me recently.
My grandmother Dorothy was a very lovely Lady. She was Baptist and believed strongly in our Lord. She also believed in speaking her mind which she did often.
She was involved in the World War I Widow's and in her church. She loved her family and was a devoted mother. Her Husband George Edgar Robertson war a WWI Veteran who got muster gassed.
She worked at JcPenny's doing the books, in 1917 she worked at Johnson Biscuit Company

Cancer test May 31st 1951 at Sioux Valley Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Operation on July 25, 1948 at Sioux Valley Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Operation on Sept 8, 1964 Sioux Valley Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Operation on June 14, 1977 at Dameron Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Operation June 1981 Pacemaker put in
Operation on April 4, 1982 Bladder and Rectum repair
Operation on Oct 26, 1940 at Sioux valley Hospital, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Burial: 18 Apr 2001, Rural Cemetery, Stockton, California
Cause of Death: Cancer, Tumor in her stomach
Clubs & Organizations: American Legion, in Stockton, California
Education: 7 months at National Business Training School at Sioux City, Iowa
Religion: Baptist
Attendants: Bestman: Clyde J. Robertson
Marriage: 13 Jan 1921, Sioux City,Woodbury County, Iowa
Marriage Performed by: Pastor G.W. Cassidy
Place of Ceromo: First Baptist Church

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday


I'd like to make peace with all the dragons in my head- all
those dark creatures who came in the open door of my childhood and bedded down.
I've denied them, all the same I've fed them rather well.
They've grown fat on my hatred, multiplied like rabbits in the warm nest of my obsession, over populated my psyche with their kids. I'm very kind to other peoples dragons, It's my own I'm not able to forgive.

I am holding all my dragon's by the their tails, I'd like

to meet them face to face, get to know them, where they came from, why they came.

It's hard to love my enemies, Lord-

To make peace with intrusive creatures who move in
first then signd those long term leases in my head.

Please come in and help me face the dragons. (help me not to run if it breathe's a little fire).

I'd like to meet a really scaly monster, shake his hand. You know I'm not some princess in a palace, who thinks it rather nice to kiss a prince.

But if I learn to love that ugly dragon, could you change her to a princess before too long?

By Marilee Zdenek

I came across this some years ago and thought, WOW!!!! that is what I felt at that time. So many of us have our demons or dragons and we do fed them instead of trying to let them go.
I just thought I would share this with you and if you are hurting and in great pain maybe this can help. I have always been senitive to the feelings of others and really can not handle seeing people hurting, it makes me feel bad, makes me cry and if I can help then I will try.

Talented Tuesday

"Patches The Clown"

Ruth G Kubberness-Robertson

& her mom Dorothy Robertson-Couch

"Patches the Clown"

"Patches the Clown" was born in 1979 in Bismarck, ND at McCabe United Methodist Church.

She started the "Holy Fools" Clowning for Christ. She went before the Governor of North Dakota twice and had April 1st declared as "Holy Fools Day". She also Started Clown Alley.

In May 1985 I my dad worked for Consolidated Frieghtways and was transfered to Peru, IL where my mom also had the Governor of Illinois declare April 1st as "Holy Fools Day".

While living in Peru, IL Patches went to Illinois Valley Community College for Clown College.

She belongs to the Clowns of America International, The World Clown Association. She started several Chapters in Peru, IL and they branched off to Moline, IL, Rockford, IL and Peoria, IL.

Patches was inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame in Wisconsin.

I love my mom and I am in Awe of all her talents and accomplishments. She's in her 70's and still hasn't slowed down..Way to go mom!!!! I am very proud to be her daughter. I love you mom!