Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beyond America

Saint John-St. John, is a name that came to England in the 11th century wave of migration that was set off by the Norman Conquest of 1066. St. John comes from the saint bearing the ancient given name John. It is possible that individual cases may derive from the original bearer's residense in one of several places called St. Jean in Normandy that take their name from the same source. St. John is a classic example of an English polygenic surname, which is a surname that was developed in a number of different locations and adopted by various families independently.

My family is Henry St. John born in 1545 in Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England. He died 1598 in Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England. He was married to Jane Neale born 1549 London, England, died 161 in Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England.

Oliver St. John Henry's father

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