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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday Madness

Every family has it's skeleton's in their closets, mine is no different, except It doesn't bother me that people know about them. After all I have a Mom who's a Clown and a Dad who's a Lay Minister. So if there are nuts and crazy people in our family tree then I guess they are in our genes as well, and so be it!

My Amick/Copenhaver line is one of these. Let me give you some family information before I get to the story.

Samuel Amick married Mary Copenhaver 25 Mar 1841 in Summerville, Nicholas County, West Virginia. They had 14 children. That alone could drive a Lady crazy, right?

Once upon a time Mary and her son Sayeth, her youngest child. Went for a walk in the woods and came to a stop at the Meadow River. A relative of theirs Joseph Haynes had a Mill dam along this very same river.

I don't know what possessed Mary to walk to the river on 2 May 1874 and drowned herself and her son. But that is precisely what she did. Maybe she was thinking she had enough or maybe Sayeth was sick and was going to die and she couldn't bare it. I don't know, maybe she was just insane. Whatever the reason it went with her to her grave. when I meet her in the after life I will be asking her, "What the Hell were you thinking?"

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  1. Perhaps the woman had Post-natel depression. I doubt she was insane. This is the most common reason for these types of action. Pretty sad really. Pamela Daly